Leftie Activists Make Huge Profits

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With college commencement season in full swing, leftist propagandists are making the rounds of our nation’s universities[/URL] – as they do all year 'round. In fact, the nation’s universities not only provide a welcome home for speakers of the political left, but they also provide them a very generous income. These wealthy politicos pretend they represent the views of the downtrodden, even as they negotiate sweetheart deals to compensate their appearances. Their dirty little secret is: Our nation’s money and prestige buoy the careers of the nation’s most divisive leftist figures.

Care to hear Noam Chomsky skewer America’s soulless, capitalist wealth and privilege? It will set you back $12,000, roughly one-fourth of the average MIT student’s tuition. And Chomsky’s leftist academics-in-arms have similarly immodest asking prices. Take Princeton’s resident race baiter, Cornel West. With an official per-lecture fee of $15,000 plus first-class traveling expenses, West ranks among the priciest academics. Recently he spoke at Denver U. for $35,000. For one hour.

West’s pal Jesse Jackson also demands the big bucks. When not extorting money from Nascar (the “last bastion of white supremacy”), Jackson demands between $10,000 and $20,000 for appearances. This is the same Jesse Jackson who spent the Sixties urging the nation to accept socialism, a “person-centered” rather than a “profit-centered” economy. Today, it seems, he’s discovered that profit isn’t all that bad.

Nor is he alone. Few may be shocked to learn that Michael Moore’s speaking fee, like Moore himself is, well, hefty. The left-wing filmmaker asks $15,000 to $20,0000 per speech. Similarly, the fact that “comedian” Al Franken doesn’t joke around about his $25,000 fee is unlikely to raise many eyebrows. (He has to make up for his gratis performance on Air America somehow.)

Slightly more surprising is the fact that even the Greens, the Left’s self-styled “principled” base, like to see green. Look at Winona Laduke, Ralph Nader’s running mate in the 1996 and 2000 elections. She will help college students save the earth – for only $8,500. But then fellow Green Party activist Jello Biafra, will do the same speechfor onl $7,500. Enviro-activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s cash intake is nearly double that, at $16,000 bills. (So much for saving the trees.) As for perennial Green nudnik Ralph Nader, he comes with a price tag anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. (Staff at his D.C. campaign headquarters were none too eager to specify an exact amount.)

That goes for leftist “journalists,” too. Socialist essayist Barbara Ehrenreich, who groused about spending a year working minimum wage jobs in her book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, is a long way from the $7-an-hour experience now. She charges $15,000 (plus hundreds of dollars in expenses) for speaking engagements. The better to pontificate about class inequality, one assumes.

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do you have comparative figures from the fascist side? :laughing:

Dear JB:

But we never claimed to be against profits nor did we say that they were evil. Have you ever heard a Republican say profits are bad or that people should not be rewarded for their hard labor? Hmmm?

[quote=“fred smith”]But we never claimed to be against profits nor did we say that they were evil. Have you ever heard a Republican say profits are bad or that people should not be rewarded for their hard labor? Hmmm?[/quote]So who has said that ?


Lefties. Cuz they are against corporations and profits and such and if you look at those that are raking in these large salaries, i.e. Michael Moore, and his very fame is predicated on his being a common man who fights against evil corporate America, you have to wonder… is perhaps his position somewhat untenable. Unless of course, you are a mindless leftie who would never dream of say wondering how Susan Sarandon can speak about the people or about how Babs aka Barbra Streisand is fit to discuss gun control (with all of her security guards, I guess she doesn’t really need to carry one herself) or free health care since well she doesn’t really need to use the public clinic now does she? So it is the blatant hypocrisy young Matthew that drives one to wonder why the fuck anyone would take these people seriously. SERIOUSLY.

You didn’t quote anyone saying “corporations and profits are bad”, besides that is where jobs come from. I think Michael Moore made a film about a plant closing down and making thousands of innocent people lose their jobs just so a few rich people can get even richer. People do deserve to be “rewarded for their hard labor”, not abused. Likewise, do lucky others deserve to be be rewarded for a total lack of work (such as the ones you mentioned above, or the bosses of the car plant who made thousands of willing, hard working people jobless) ?

Some quotes and facts Fred. I saw Roger and Me and do not remember MM being against profits. I do remember him criticising the corporate socialism that is rampamt in the US (and other western nations). That is, companies receive generous grants of land, electricity, water and so on from various cities and municipalities as an encouragement to settle there. MM was criticizing GM for taking all the perqs that Flint Michigan had to offer them for 30 years and then up and leaving without any proper compensation. This is not just a flaky leftist idea. Corporations enjoy huge benefits from cities, states, municipalities and sometimes the federal government that are, surprise, surprise, paid for by the average citizen. Roads, convention centres, electric grids, cheap land, water, sewage, power. This is the real scandal my friend. Get your priorities straight.

That socialists like Chomsky or West receive such high speakers fees is ridiculous and hypocritical but I remember neo-liberal Camille Paglia campaigning against this issue a decade ago. I guess it’s the nature of conservatives to be behind the times. :laughing:

[quote=“fred smith”]
about how Babs aka Barbra Streisand is fit to discuss gun control (with all of her security guards, I guess she doesn’t really need to carry one herself).[/quote]

Maybe with gun control she wouldn’t need to have those security guards. This is just one thing I really don’t get about the US. Is the place so dangerous and the law enforcement so shit that everybody needs to carry a firearm at all times? If so should you really be in the business of trying to bring peace and stability to other parts of the globe? What would entitle sombody to have an opinion on gun control anyway? The initials CH. But I guess he can probably afford as many security guards as Babs so that should rule him out too.

My goodness look at the rush by one and all to defend their leftie icons. Wonder why?

[quote=“fred smith”]My goodness look at the rush by one and all to defend their leftie icons. Wonder why?[/quote]Because we’re compassionate and care about our fellow human beings (I mean the factory workers, not MM, he can look after himself) ? No wonder you can’t understand it.

Most factory workers have guns.

[quote=“blueface666”]Most factory workers have guns.[/quote]Now I’m confused, am I supposed to care for them or not now ? :s

Confusion is understandable among those who hold Leftist positions. The mind numbingly moral confusion that must plague such nonthinking hysterical emotionalists no doubt is a source of great um er confusion to them.

I doubt if they care one way or the other.

So what does Fred care about ?

Well I have been posting regularly (too regularly some might say) on this forum for 1.5 years. Why don’t you tell me based on my posts what you think that I care about. Anyone else is free to chip in their two cents as well, but let’s try to make this scientific and not a flame thing. I think my record speaks for itself.

Human beings are born with a conflicting set of needs. One is a need to compete and the other is a need to cooperate. The need to compete helps society by providing people who are driven to perform. This can be a great thing for the individual and for society but if it is not balanced by a desire for belonging and cooperation it quickly leads to all kinds of personal and social problems. The problem with your extremist right wing attitude is that it fails to acknowledfge the interdependance of all people. It is like the guy who makes a fortune selling furniture and declares himself a self made man. Really? Did he grow the trees? Build the roads that brought the lumber to the factory? Design the furniture? Build it? No, he identified a market found a supplier and then put the two together . Later he says “But I don’t want to pay for the road builders kid’s education.” What he fails to realize is that without the road builders, and the factory labourers he would have no product and no market. It is in his own best interest to share the wealth. And it is in societies best interest to allow him an opportunity to make his efforts worthwhile. I think most of the other posters here realize that finding this balance can be an enormously complicated undertaking but a lot of us also see an enormous amount of disparity that could not be justified by anyone.
So what do I think you care about? Honestly I think you care about staying or getting into a position where you can consume more than your share of other people’s labour and then coming here and trying to feel superior about it.

Troll. Way to stay on topic Fred.

Folks, I think it’s time we all just stop feeding into Mr Smith’s insatiable typing habit.


Nice try. Where has it ever been proven that Republicans don’t care about people. Democrats CLAIM to but look at the results of their policies. Dysfunctional families, etc. increased poverty rates, etc. Now that Republicans have ended welfare (evil greedy bastards) the number of people on the dole dropped from 12.7 million to 5.3 million and is still going down. Black poverty rates are down dramatically as well. Wonder why? So like Carter, many Democrats and Lefties whine about Republican greed but this greed creates jobs and leads to higher standards of living which mindless Lefties like those mentioned in the lead trash and bewail all while personally benefiting to the tune of milliions of dollars?