Lefttube / Breadtube General Thread

I’ve seen a fair bit of conservative punditry and media shared during my short foray into Forumosa.

Here, I’d like to create a space to talk about “lefttube” or “breadtube”.

I’ll also be sharing videos if anyone cares to watch. Obviously I don’t own rights to any of it.

I’d ideally like to engage with other fans, but everyone is welcome here, to share their thoughts and junk :sunglasses:


I’m pretty basic, so I’m a big fan of most lefty youtubers, but I especially like Contrapoints, hbomberguy, Folding Ideas, and Philosophy Tube.

Sooo … is it funded by the CCP? They have deep pockets for this sort of thing.

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they’re pretty much exclusively funded by patrons on patreon. very few are pro-china or actually commie, except for uh… NonCompete. he’s definitely a big commie who lives in vietnam, and is probably backed by vietanm or the CCP lol. don’t tune into him regularly.

most of them talk contemporary american social politics, with lots of them being into nerd culture, often involving film analysis, video game mechanics, and other fun educational stuff.

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*this is from early 2017

Oli North examining “experts” and the political motivations behind who of them are exalted and who are ridiculed in the main stream, with a focus on the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 80’s.

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hell yeah second amendment! sky news isn’t lefttube, and they didn’t seem to change their tone after they were bought out from rupert murdoch. guerilla mainframe is another black gun rights activist group based in Dallas i believe. they also do community outreach programs and junk.

Well, the CCP doesn’t usually hand out money by issuing cheques direct from the MSS. They have all sorts of front organisations (and individuals) to do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them operate via Patreon.

China’s goal is merely to spread FUD in Western countries and undermine their political and economic systems; a big aspect of that strategy is leveraging malcontents who have wide social networks in the target countries. They have little interest in Communism per se.

I’ll have a look at some of the videos. It sounds interesting. I’m intrigued by the idea that “anarchist” = “left wing” these days. To the extent that it was ever associated with a “wing” at all (pretty much by definition it can’t be either one) it was linked to skinheads and white nationalists when I was young. Funny how these things evolve.


Finley, you of all people should be able to admit that CCP is anything BUT communist these days. They are a fascist kleptocracy. Probably far more right wing than even Russia or the USA.

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Anarchy was a label hijacked by right wing pinks and nationalists to basically say fuck off, we don’t want to live by your genteel rules in a just society.

They were never anarchist by philosophy. How many of them could even read, let alone study Bakunin or Meier?

Edit: pinks!! Lol. I’ll let that stand, but you know I mean punks…

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Yeah, I know. That was my point. They’re not interested in Communism, merely the slaughter of their enemies and the lamentation of their women. They’ll work with anyone who wants to undermine the West’s more-or-less successful system. That’d be anarchists, and probably a good fraction “the left”.

I don’t see how anarchism can be either “left” or “right”, since it explicitly rejects all forms of government; in its more extreme incarnations, it rejects all forms of hierarchy and social control.

Dunno about those bewigged philosophers, but if anyone wants to see how well honest-to-goodness anarchy works in practice they should come and have a look at Elbonia here. Maybe I should do a video and post it on BreadTube.


The CCP is communist though, especially the neo Maoists that back Xi. That the more economic liberal Shanghai/Jiangsu/Zhejiang clique held the reigns from Deng to Hu gave the impression that they weren’t communist, but the leftists have always been there in the background and are resurfacing through Xi. The State is involved in all aspects of the private sector now.

And @finley is right . The CCP has funded and worked with Leftist groups and individuals since Edward Snow till now. They are looking to cause chaos or for useful idiots to do their bidding. They have always done this and almost definitely funded BLM or Antifa.

Chinese infiltration is smart and complex

In the same way, the CIA have always done the same.



blm and antifa are a chinese hoax much like the coronavirus

Someone mentions CCP? um, ok.

Anyway, I like Three Arrows, Shaun, Philosophy Tube, Vaush.

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Philosophy Tube is good, Three Arrows too. I haven’t tuned into Vaush and I’ve only seen two Shaun videos so far, one of them being this week’s massive history lesson on the myth of the necessity of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

it was good and covered what i already knew but in detail with who’s who, their relationships and junk. i recommend watching it on 1.25x or 1.5x cause he talks slow and it’s a long one.


No they aren’t a hoax, I’m not saying that. But the CCP will definitely find a way to infiltrate them and fund them. Their goal is chaos. Or whatever.

They have always always done this so there is absolutely no reason they wouldn’t do this now. The US has also always don’t the same. Look at Chapo Traphouse or other tankie groups and see how Pro China they are, ripe for Chinese infiltration

Recommended reading Hidden Hand by Clive Hamilton, gives a pretty in-depth breakdown of the history of CCP support for overseas leftist groups and similar initiatives till this day.