Legal age limit?

I know it is
“18” for driving car
“21” for voting

But can someone please tell me, what is the legal age for
possible “marriage”
and (hypertheoretical) possible “abortion” ?

I am asking this in regards to my ongoing child-custody, but
explaining this in detail is not part of this thread …

So what is the legal age here in Taiwan my daughter (she is Taiwanese)
would be able to do her own decision about above 2 situations without asking
her parents for permission ?

Thank you

The selfish woman keeps your daughter from you, no doubt hiding behind discriminatory practices towards non-Taiwanese people. And then neglects to raise your daughter properly. Sounds like a tough one. Good luck with your battle.

It’s estimated that half a million abortions are performed each year in Taiwan, I would imagine teenagers can make the choice themselves, but I don’t have info on it. Try search around online, there must be something

A lot of the info I found is from February 2014, a little outdated (and is also from a tabloid newspaper), so you may have to double check, but here’s what I found:

Male has to be 18 years old
Female has to be 16 years old