Legal grounds for non-consensual divorce?

Where can I obtain an English translation of Taiwan law regarding the various legal grounds for divorce that don’t require the consent of one’s spouse? Could anyone post at least a list of grounds here, even if it’s not a direct translation from the legal code? Thank you.

[quote=“The Splendiferous Tigerman”]Taiwan’s Civil Code at Article 1052 lists the following grounds for statutory divorce:

  1. Bigamy.
  2. Adultery.
  3. One spouse ill-treats the other so as to render living together intolerable.
  4. One spouse humiliates the linear ascendants of the other spouse such that living together becomes intolerable.
  5. One spouse deserts the other spouse in bad faith.
  6. One spouse has a loathsome incurable disease.
  7. One spouse has an incurable serious mental disease.
  8. One spouse has made an attempt to end the life of the other.
  9. One spouse is uncertain for a period in excess of three years as to whether the other spouse is alive or dead.
  10. One spouse has been sentenced to imprisonment for not less than three years.

Speaking of bigamy. . .

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Speaking of bigamy. . .

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[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Speaking of bigamy. . .

[quote=“Oscar Wilde”]Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.[/quote][/quote]He would say that, he was gay.

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