Legal stay in Taiwan


Question: I am a Singapore Chinese and would like stay in Taiwan for good. My country will only issue one month visa to me and it is just too short the time for me to find a job. Is there any other way I can obtain a legal stay in Taiwan besides having a job or having to marry someone in Taiwan? I really appreciate if someone would give me some information on this.


Answer: Your best option is to find a job in Taiwan. Assuming that you are only an ROC citizen (and not a dual citizen in Singapore and the ROC), you do not need a Work Permit to work in Taiwan. If your employer will issue some paperwork to you to show that you will be working in Taiwan for a year or more, then you should be able to get a longer term visa.


According to news reports in late March 2001, Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice has completed the draft of a “Basic Human Rights Law”, and submitted it to the Executive Yuan for review. Among other things, that law (when enacted) will allow any holder of an ROC passport full eligibility to return to the ROC and obtain residency rights and an ID card.

Currently, many restrictions are placed on “overseas Chinese” who want to come to Taiwan and settle down. Hopefully, with the passage of this new law, such restrictions that violate basic human rights will be eliminated.