Legality and Enforcement of Covid Rules and Regulations (outside Taiwan)

I feel obligated to correct and clarify this.

There are indeed several cases like that.

However, in the Electrical Safety Authority case (Ontario), the employer lost and was ordered to amend the policy to include testing as an alternative to vaccination.

More recently, in the Canada Post case, the policy was upheld despite testing not being an option. The union’s sole expert witness was a vaccine cheerleader whose argument boiled down to vaccination is superior to testing, but testing is also good. It’s hard to lose when your opponent might as well be on your side.

In Richmond (BC), the City won the arbitration but later reached a settlement that included partial back pay, around the same time they dropped the policy.

Keep in mind these are all arbitration cases. There are several lawsuits pending. Most of the requests for interim or interlocutory injunctions have failed (iirc one in Ontario succeeded), but those should not be confused with the hearings on the merits which have yet to take place.

ETA: For discussion of the same topic in Taiwan, see here.

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