Legality Question Regarding Forums

I’m interested. Suppose someone said that so-and-so is a horrible fuckhead, here, could the coppers/lawyers demand that you give up their IRL identities? What happens if you say that a restaurant is rubbish and they want to sue you? Is admin obliged by law to give up their real names or ISP addresses?
I’ve seen bloggers getting sued for bad restaurant reviews,so just wondering if this site protects its users from similar.

If you used a dynamic IP, you can be traced back for up to Six month, thus giving the sites owner the opportunity to delay such a request till the IP is useless.

The MSS will probably find you regardless.

Most people here have posted enough identifying information about themselves that, if someone really wanted to find you, they probably could. Even the way you write can be used in tracking down your identity.

So, depends how much money someone’s prepared to spend in order to sue you (or eliminate you :slight_smile: )

Depends where you live more then anything.

This is our posted policy on it:

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I understand the illegal policy stuff. It’s logical and reasonable. If you’re trying to sell heroin or looking to find accomplices for an armed robbery, then your arse is grapes. I get that. But what if you badmouth someone or a business and they want to sue you? Is admin obliged to turn you in?

I gues, if they have a court order then yes.

otherwise I already had found out who the grammar Nazi is!

So, if I wrote “xxx is a stupid twat and has an ugly boyfriend”, and xxx decided to sue me for defamation, admin would be obliged, by law, to give my real identity to them?

Well, if we got a “legal request”, that would be the basic idea. We’d have to consider the specifics of every situation. Taiwan has pretty strict defamation laws. The best course is to be aware of them.

You didn’t answer the question. Despite Taiwan’s ridiculous “defamation laws” do you not have a loyalty to your posters?
I’ve always been under the impression that anonymous forums have an obligation to protect their posters against stupid libel unless they’re actively promoting illegal activities.

to the Op!
get to know the www!
understand the international laws!
Read the about page! If there isn’t a name and all the information, be cautious!
You can always do a whois request!
Rurisdiction matters.

Is this an expression in SA?

We say, “Your ass is grass.” It rhymes, so it’s better. And it has a part b…“And I’m a lawn mower.”

It’s something that Jim Morrison said. I don’t recall the exact terminology, but a stoner friend back in the day used to quote it all the time, perhaps incorrectly.
And searching “arse is grapes” on Google shows some fascinating and not very erotic results.

Maybe Jim was known for crushes grapes or arses?

That may or may not be. I’m more interested in how the admin of this site protects its posters from libel. I recall a conversation with maoman once where he said that unless it were something criminal, he would not divulge any info on a poster.

You keep drawing a distinction between libel and criminal activity, but libel is a form of criminal activity in Taiwan, is it not?

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Shit…does this mean I have to start using a VPN?

I have multiple personality disorder and I am pretending to be my grandad to get him in trouble. And he uses Onion.

Do you mean onion routing, or is there some sort of long-forgotten method of using onions to disguise your identity?