Legality teaching under six

is the class a de facto kindergarten or a 45min English class?

It seems dicey at best. Personally I’d refuse and if they threatened your job over it you could either call their bluff or go right to the labor board if they followed through. They’d be the ones in trouble, not you.

A 45 min english class in an otherwise 95% non-kindergarten age buxiban.


If those 5yo kids just come for the 45min class to the buxiban, I mean they don’t stay at the school for full day and no nap time, lunch time, teeth brushing time etc., it sounds indeed a buxiban class for young kids, and iirc, it is legal.

as far as I know, there is no law to ban it.

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My worthless self graciously accepts your honorable sympathy. :bowing:

To be precise, it’s illegal for the kindergarten to have the classes (curriculum regulations under the Early Childhood Education & Care Act), but the teacher would not be breaking any law simply by teaching the class.

A teacher with a work permit for the buxiban next door, even if it’s owned by the same company or person, would be breaking the law by teaching in the kindergarten (Employment Service Act and official interpretation by the CLA i.e. the MOL), even if the class is 100% in Chinese.

The local government may decide otherwise (local buxiban regulations) and take action against the buxiban, but probably not.

The teacher is safe as long as the details of the work permit are not deemed to have a discrepancy with the work being performed (Employment Standards Act).

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I’ve looked into this matter as much as a could without knowing Chinese. I went to the NTC MOE and talked to them about the best way to teach English to children aged 3 to 6. They flat out told me that the best way would be for me to start a buxiban. Don’t give them food and don’t let them sleep and you will qualify as a buxiban and not a kindergarten. There are some nuances in the law that allow teaching songs in English and you can dance while speaking English but don’t teach vocabulary, phonics, or ABCs. Its silly because everyone does despite the law I enjoy teaching that age and their language development is really rapid. I’m sure the school has safeguards in place to protect you and (it seems) no one is interested in enforcing this particular law. Short answer: it depends where you are working if it is legal but it probably doesn’t matter anyway. Make sure there is a cabinet for you to crawl in. :slight_smile:

English speakeasys?

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A teacher on a work based ARC and teaching in the kindergarten would be deported if caught, not because teaching English, but because working at where the teacher’s work permit doesn’t allow. Kindergarten cannot get work permits for foreign teachers, so teachers on work based ARC in kindergarten are working there without work permits and violating Employment Service Act regardless of what they teach. I think the punishment for working without a work permit is deportation.

Foreign teachers with marriage based ARC or APRC in kinder may still be violating a rule on credentials to work in kinder, but the punishment may be a fine of ~3000NTD if caught.

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Seems slightly draconian as a teaching method but if it gets results OK.

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What if you pretend to teach them English, but actually teach them nonsense? Would that be legal?

I think that would be fraud

It’s like that joke about some Ultra-Orthodox Jews who go to the deli, and there’s a Chinese guy behind the counter who speaks to them in fluent Yiddish. So later they ask the (Jewish) boss, “Hey, where’d you find this Yiddish-speaking Chinese guy?”

“Shh!” he replies. “He thinks I’m teaching him English!”


That is for the clarifications!
Today, a supervisor at my kindergarten (I mean… uhh… the school I don’t work at because it would be illegal, shhh) told us that a new law is being passed that will allow English to be taught in kindergartens again. We couldn’t find anything in English news though… has anyone heard about this with certainty?
Not that I’m interested… in… not literally running away when a government official visits the kindergarten I don’t work at… cough…

I think you have to be at least 18 to teach .:blush: Sorry , forgive my puerile foolishness…I just saw the Title.


There is talk about changing the way English is taught in Taiwan. That said, I haven’t heard anyone suggest changing the age restrictions for learning English. Even if they decide to make the change it would be years in the future. Your boss is likely just blowing smoke.

your boss might have talked on this news.

I stand corrected! I am stuprised at the about-face that Taiwan has taken. For the longest time they claimed learning a second language during kindergarten would irrevocably damage the child. It seems that things are about to change but I’m still not holding my breathe.