Legalization of Canadian Criminal Background Check, Finger printing

This post is for all those CANADIANS out there having trouble getting a straight answer about how and what they need to do in order to get a criminal background check that the Taiwan goverment will accept both for marriage or otherwise.
I am married and living in Taiwan for sometime now, my wife and I went through the procceses with out any realy advice or help from the “people in charge”. It was very frustrating never recieving a straight answer and trying to chase down all the information on the TECO web pages. So here is a step by step of the current procces you must go through and some suggestion about how to make it easier and cheaper for yourself. Hope this helps you.

1)Make a 2 color copies of your passport and a secondary ID on the same piece of paper(if your not getting married you only need 1 copy).

2)Take the copies to the Canadian consulate in your local area of Taiwan. You will need to have the COLOR photocopies certified as a true copy (stamped by the consulate). This will currently cost you 500ntd per copy. For marriage you will also need an afitdavid (1200nt) provided by the Canadian consulate. Get this at the same time and save yourself making another trip to the consulate as it is very time consuming. The Taipei office is: 6F, Hua-Hsin Building, No. 1 SongZhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, 11047, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-8723-3000 | General Email: ( the 101 area of Taipei, in the City Bank Building)

3)You will also need to get a fingerprint form from the consulate while you are there. I suggest getting 2 as they are free and better then having to go back again.

4)Take the fingerprint forms to the local forgien Affairs police office. The finger print service will cost you 100ntd per copy. In Taipei the office is: 7, Jhongsiao E. Road,Section 1, JhongjhengDistrict, Taipei City (02)23213175

5)Take your 2 color photocopies stamped as true copies by the Canadian consulate and the afitdavit (if marrying) to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (TAIWAN)
Add:3~5 Fl., 2-2 Chi-Nan Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei, 10051, ROC(Taiwan) Tel:(+886) 2-2343-2888. They will need to legalize (put a holographic sticker on the back of the paper) both photocopies of your ID that have been stamped and the afidavit. Each piece of paper will cost you 400ntd. The process will take about 2 business days and I strongly suggest you pick them up yourself. DO NOT HAVE THEM MAILED TO YOUR HOUSE OR THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY WILL GET “LOST” as the office does not use registered mail.

6)Once you retrieve your paperwork from the BOCA you are ready to send in your fingerprint to a fingerprint service in Canada. Yes you can just send them directly to the RCMP but it will take much, much longer and they will only send the results to your local address in Canada unless you fill out release for ect… AVOID THE HASSLE AND USE A SERVICE, I spent several hours trying to find one that is reasonably priced and the one I ended up using only cost me $80cnd. Pacific fingerprint services PFSI Head Office at 778-395-2588 or 1-866-350-0999 They were very helpful and and my friend in Canada had the original copy of the RCMP background check in thier hand 5 days from PFSI recieving my paperwork. All required papers are in printable form on thier website. You will also need one of the color certified and legalized photocopies of your ID and a regular passport photo PLEASE READ PACIFIC FINGERPRINT SERVICE WEBSITE CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE YOU SEND ALL REQUIRED PAPERS THE FIRST TIME.

  1. Go to the TECO webpage for the Ottawa office: … =166&mp=77
    print the a copy of: The form for document authentication and fill it out.

  2. Now comes the big decision LMFAO, do you have a reliable friend or family member in Canada you can trust to follow through with your directions in a timely fashion or should you do it all yourself.

8a) If you have someone you can trust: ask PSFI to courier the original of the RCMP report to this person. Then from Taiwan courier your “trusted person” The certified and legalized copy of your ID and the form you just printed and filled out from the TECO Ottawa webpage. Ask your “trusted person” to make 2 photocopies of the original RCMP criminal background check report. They must also prepare a money order for $60cnd and a money order for $16cnd as per the directions on the TECO Ottawa webpage in the legalization/authentication section.

8b) If you don’t have a “trusted person” in Canada have PFSI courier w/ signature the original RCMP crinimal background check back to you in Taiwan. procced to follow all steps from above yourself.

8c) Once all the documents, money orders ect… are prepared you then need to send the paperwork to the TECO Ottawa office. I STRONGLY RECOMEND YOU USE A COURIER SERVICE W/ SIGNATURE. Greater Ottawa Region, Authentication and Services of Documents Section (JLAC) Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade,125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. K1A 0G2
Tel: 1-800-267-8376, 613-944-4000

9)Please check all addresses before mailing as they are only current as of this post and assuming the webpage they are copied from is up to date.

  1. Cross your fingers and hope they don’t decide to ask you for any other supporting documents.


Nicely, nicely presented and your first post to boot! :bravo: :notworthy:

This will come in very handy for two Canadian friends who are about to apply for their APRC and need the RCMP background check.