Legally disposing of computers/electronics

Does anyone know how to legally dispose of unwanted computers/consumer electronics. I know you can’t just take them to the street and waiting until Chinese New Year next really isn’t a viable alternative.

Just do what I do. Leave them by the door in your stairwell or some other place like that. They tend to dissapear rather quickly. No doubt your trash becomes someone else’s treasure, … or at least until it’s figured out that it doesn’t work and they then have to find a way to dispose of it.

Try calling the EPA Recycling Fund Committee: 080-085-717.

Mucha Man, I don’t think fisticuffs will be necessary. Jeremy’s not the sort of person who would turn a blind eye to more trash or pollution.

I didn’t know about the EPA thing. Gee, strip me of my moderator badge.

But my point is to give a try at letting others reuse stuff before throwing it out. The sarcasm comes when I think of someone getting ahold of it just cause it looks computerish and they want to be the first, and then finding out that they have no need for it. I just hope that those who take it can truly use it. I’ve done this with clothing and other household items that could be reused easily. If it ever stayed in the stairwell, then of course I’d do something about it, but it has always been gone in a few hours LONG before the regular trash. I think this kind of behavior is cool. It gives someone in your building a chance at reusing it. I’ve seen someone in my building throw away a WORKING fax machine, tossed in with the food garbage. I saw it and rescued it.

Yes, well, I probably over-reacted. Sorry Jeremy. But I still think your advice is ill-conceived. Yes, someone may come along and take the computer but when they have stripped it of the parts they need where do you think the rest of it will go? Into the garbage to be buried beside a watershed or into some incinerator to be blown into the wind. Better to take it somewhere where their is a chance it will be properly disposed of.