Legendary Drummer and Lyricist Neil Peart Dies of Brain Cancer

This guy has meant a lot to me over the years, and his death has hit me harder than any of someone I did not know.


I understand. I felt the same way about Anthony Bourdain.

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The first of his lyrics that came to mind:

Boy there’s a lot but I always liked this one

Nice footage, but it’s actually the studio recording.


I wouldn’t have thought you would have gravitated to Randian Rush lyrics. I actually do, but he got so much better with age. The last song on the last album isn’t his best, but it is great and appropriate for this time:

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And I’ve thought about this a lot today:

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Nice! Musically I haven’t really gotten into most of their newer stuff, though I’ve tried here and there.

I wouldn’t have thought

You may have understandably gotten a bit of a swayed impression from my extreme dislike for certain politicians.

Lyrics and otherwise I love this one, fitting too. far too fleet

Here’s another

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Same story here, Mithrandir. Hit me hard. I sat in front of my computer in stunned silence basically all morning Sat trying to digest this news.

“Suddenly you were gone, from all the lives you left your mark upon…”

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I still like their old stuff the best. And 2112. That blew my mind when I was in college. Neil Peart’s awesomeness is audible on so many songs.

YYZ? Probably responsible for my start with fusion.

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I also prefer their earlier prog stuff to the other periods, but Neil’s lyrics undeniably got better when Rush moved to shorter pieces, and the synth period was probably his best as a lyricist.

Their last album was their best in a long time. While I was disappointed when the band retired, I was happy they went out on top of their game. Unfortunately, Neil didn’t have too much time to enjoy retirement.

The guy went through so much tragedy, losing his first daughter and wife 10 months apart, it’s so sad that his young daughter got so little time with him.

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Musicians are dropping like flies. I wonder what’s going on?

We’re getting old.

The music you like is inevitably made by people of your own age, or slightly older.

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So it’s not because they refused to join the Illuminati so they were eliminated?

The doctors will probably say it’s because they ate too much saturated fat, or did too many drugs. All it really boils down to is that old men die. I’m becoming increasingly aware that I’m past my dead-by date.


Aside from our own grief as fans losing a treasured musician and writer like Peart, what you said there really makes it even more heart-wrenching. Why can’t this guy, after all he’s fucking been thru in the late 90’s, live to the ripe old age of 90 with his second wife and young daughter?

“this just can’t be understood…” from Afterimage off Grace Under Pressure

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I pity the rock bands trying figure out just which Rush songs they are capable of playing as a tribute. So much sound and complexity for just three guys.

I set a course just east of Lyra
Northwest of Pegasus
Flew into the light of Deban!
Sailed across the Milky Way
On my ship the Rocinante
Wheeling through the galaxies
Headed for the heart of Cygnus!
Headlong into mystery
The x-ray is her siren song
My ship cannot resist her long
Nearer to my deadly goal
Until the black hole takes control