Never been to Legends. I’ll have to check that out.

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The pizza is really good.

place has a checkered past… torn down so many times for been illegal… now its just a firetrap on the 2nd floor and the owners seldom bother with building permits ect…

i believe the good food is from Rocky, she is a true gem in Tainan but she has since moved on and opened her own place that serves much better food instead of bulk reheated cost co french fries. but hey if bad bar bistro is your thing, go for it.


this review sums it up well.

John Colon!

its not me i just saw it on google maps a while ago… but it is pretty valid.

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It’s a cool name for restaurant reviews. I should start reviewing Wanhua teahouses.

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OK, waiting for your report and be safe haha


Sounds like you have an axe to grind against this place. I dunno. I can only speak for myself and I think the food is good. Haven’t been inside there since it was Andy’s Pizza years ago. So if this Rocky was the true artist in the kitchen and she has “moved on”, then what’s the name of the new place she works at?

I thought your wife already hated you.

As mentioned upthread (and now moved?) it seems to be the eponymous Rocky’s Spot in Tainan:


Yeah. Keep restaurants in separate topics. Open new ones if none available.

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Hate is a bit strong, old boy. Tolerate is the word I’d use.

hardly, they advertise food using images that are not theirs.

quite sad actually when they mislead consumers. last time i was there the food was very poor bistro, i was expecting better, having rocky leave means they lost about the only good thing going for the place.

Don’t even get me started about the cheapo 32inch tv for watching MOD sports while badly intoxicated patrons are trying to haggle loudly for free drinks, that’s a poor experience IMO.

if ya gonna steal someones IP and pretend its your food then at least do it from page 2 of google images.
low effort marketing.

It appears that comments about Legends in Kaohsiung and Legends in Tainan got mixed in together in this thread. I have no idea if the two are affiliated, but they are very different places regardless.