Legislative Yuan under attack...again


Really nasty development. One dead - climbed up a wall, slipped and fell. Plenty of hurt. Gates have been crushed.


Any idea why? Is it because they were unable to buy toilet paper?

…I can’t believe that is actually a possible reason…


Military pensions? 18%?

Now they are really pissed.


they are really pissed that people told them not to climb the wall and they did anyway and fell to their own deaths? trippin’…


Basically killed himself. Not the government’s responsibility.


He seems to still be alive, so not in the Darwin awards yet.

These organizations always remind me of this… “Are you the Judean People’s Front?”


So is the Yuan really in danger of a takeover or should the title be changed?


Yeah, they keep saying they hope for good news… when he arrived in Taida his heart and breathing had stopped. He dead in my book.

When the kids came into teh building, they had the good sense to bring ladders and climb 20 at a time. If you fell, eitehr someone else grabbed you or broke your fall. And they are 20 year olds.

Anyways, he died fighting for what he believed in, you have to give him credit for that.

Now they are calling for safety… for Pete’s sake, I get gangrene just by looking at those rusty, crumbling barbwire fences.


I can change it to under attack or any other suggestion.


From the video, it doesn’t look like that bad of a fall. At least nothing to actually kill the guy. It’s his own fault for falling.


No no no, it is Tsai Ing-wen’s. You see, it is all her fault! Down with Tsai!*

*please read above statement with dripping sarcasm. I am quoting the shouting outside.

BTW, what is with the scooter gangs?


Are those the same people who wasted my time at the Universiade opening ceremony?


Probably. Since the 228 incident touches a few sensitive cords, they want to counterbalance. Prove their loyalty to the Other Side.


Good. Vengeance is mine.


Maybe the old man is smarter than we’re giving him credit for. He solved his pension problem in one fell swoop.


dat some cold shit right there brudder…


Just being practical. :grin:


The guy that fell was definitely a part of the Universiade disruption



sweet justice.


I would say the K word instead, but the problem is that thsi they will use and abuse. they scare the moderates with this kind of manipulations.

I am really tired of seeing the fall on loop on TV. At this hour, what si teh point? That no one pushed him? That it was an accident…or not?

Mark my words, tomorrow they will push someone off somewhere and say it was retaliation.