Legislative Yuan under attack...again


schadenfreude in its purest from!


The people who got their asses handed to them by the ChiComs are probably all dead by now. So are we talking about the people who never managed to do much of anything about it?


OK, he is in ICU.


They’ve sucked enough money already out of Taiwan, they don’t deserve any special treatment .


Well, yes and no. The truth is that they do deserve recognition and extra pay for humanitarian labor, for example, they are on dangerous duty during quakes and typhoons. I recognize that.

the 18 per cent is not sustainable, though, and aside from that, there are a whole otehr befefits -NHI for life, etc- that could be mantained or not depending on cost. Truth be told, the government’s coffers are not waht they used to be.

However, the politization, or worse, the gangsterizatiion of the issue of pensions, is a problem. They do not have public support for that. So they look for help in White Wolf et al. That is a dangerous trade in that as we have seen blows on their face.


They don’t deserve shit until they are fighting and ready to fight to defend this country IMHO. For decades they’ve had amazing pay and benefits compared to the rest of the population time to stop feeding from the trough . Maybe the other civil servants can pay part of their pay to these soldiers inflated pensions and benefits and discount schemes?


These are the same dickheads who tried to get a coup off the ground when A-bian was shot. Ship the fuckers back to China, they’re scum.


More or less my position on the Broward County Sheriff’s department.

Hero is as hero does. If you don’t respond first, you’re no first responder.


Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) lawmakers yesterday pray for a man who was in critical condition after falling while climbing a building in the legislative compound in a protest against the government’s pension reform plan.
Feb 28, 2018
Photo: AFP

“This has gone too far,” said former KMT chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱), who appeared outside the compound shortly after Miao fell.

Because it’s a sad occasion, I’ll resist the temptation to make jokes. :neutral_face:

“Not a government in the world treats its soldiers like the DPP does, and it could spell disaster for the nation if the DPP does not change its ways,” she said. “The nation should heed the incident and approach pension cuts with prudence, as a mass protest could be brewing in its wake.”

Meanwhile, KMT caucus whip Lin Te-fu (林德福) criticized legislative staff for wiping Miao’s blood off the ground, saying they might have disturbed the scene and the move was “very inappropriate.”




It’s important to treat your military well, but not too well - and not unconditionally.

Rewards commensurate with performance. What have the KMT done for Taiwan? And how many wars have these pensioners won, and for whom?

This whole thing has me thinking about John McCain and the gradations of heroism. Oh, and John Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia. I could bring up Dukakis in a tank, but that old guy who fell was better than that at least.

(There’s another prominent US politician who never served, but he’s not even taking a salary, so whatever. Besides, there’s something to said for keeping the military under civilian oversight if possible.)




They’ve shown a willingness to die for what they believe in. Well, maybe not on purpose.

They seem to have a propensity for choosing the wrong hill to die on.


Please note that the protestors outside refused to give way to the ambulance with the above mentioned wounded general. They prefered to mock the police officers, saying they were idiots for thinking they would fall for such a ploy, that it was a transparent lie. Yes, even when told it had been one of their own.


Good lord. Shame on the KMT for giving them the time of day.


HK media says that the guy who fell died, but I haven’t seen anything in the local media yet.



Ok, thanks for the links.


Focus Taiwan too. Family decided to unplug.


Protester injured in rally against military pension reform dies

2018/03/05 21:54:58

Photo taken from Miao Te-sheng’s (繆德生) Facebook page.

Taipei, March 5 (CNA) A retired colonel who sustained a severe head injury in a protest on Feb. 27 against the government’s plan to cut pensions for military personnel died Monday after his family agreed to take him off life support.

During the protest, 62-year-old Miao Te-sheng (繆德生) of the Blue Sky Actions Alliance was trying to climb the wall of a legislative building to raise the national flag when he fell from a height of about 5-6 meters.

Miao hit his head when he landed on the ground, and went into cardiac arrest. He was then rushed to National Taiwan University Hospital and was resuscitated there, but remained in a coma and under observation in the intensive care unit.

After several days of care, the hospital announced Monday he was brain dead, and his family decided at around 2:50 p.m. to take him off equipment that was keeping him alive.

The Veterans Affairs Council (VAC) dispatched staff members from its branches in Taipei and New Taipei to the hospital Monday to help deal with the aftermath of his death.

The council said it will continue discussions with veterans groups to safeguard the benefits and interests of retired military personnel, and also urged military veterans to watch out for their personal safety when protesting to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

After learning of Miao’s death, 800 Heroes, the group that organized the Feb. 27 protest at the Legislature, called on veterans groups and supporters in a Facebook post to keep calm and refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric while grieving the loss of Miao.

800 Heroes said it and the Blue Sky Actions Alliance will consult with Miao’s family to help the family with funeral service arrangements.