Legislative Yuan under attack...again


Taiwanese or Chinese flag?


That’s him in front.



Protests during the opening of the Universiade to attract attention -> people start to hate their movement

Protests by grabbing a Taiwanese flag in order to show he cares about our country -> dies

I mean…sure, I can feel sorry for him and his family, but holy fuck, isn’t their protest movement cursed enough? Give up already.


The old coot’s a frikkin martyr now. The movement will never die!


He’s not a martyr, he’s a seditious traitor. Should have been shot years ago for attempts to instigate a coup.


Whoah–how did I miss this? Where is the source on this?



I love it when you talk authoritarian to me, baby. :wink:


Vicious rumor only but I thought I’d throw it into the mix.

After the assassination attempt on A-bian the ex-military, pro-China KMT faction frantically tried to rally support in the military for an out and out coup. I’m guessing most of the Blue Sky guys were involved.


Well, the Presidential Office is finally taking steps towards better security. Hope it is followed by other agencies. Much appreciated by those of us who must cross a laberinth of barbed wire twice a day.


Finally replacing the barbed wire with a wall adorned with jagged shards of glass.


It has to happen. I mean, you simply cannot, in thsi day and age, keep this place so open. It is naive not to expect something bad to happen. We’ve had enough incursions.


Outstanding use of the verb “harden” by George there.

Taiwan: Harden the fuck up!


I am sorry that teh wall will cover the pretty shape of the Presidentail Palace. It is a lovely structure. But better safe than sorry.

I understood the harden part as marking it harder on the eyes. It is also hard to take for a civil society like Taiwan. I would rather leave teh building as it is, and move all administrative duties to say here:

It has a wall, it has very good fortifications. It is well located. And they are planning to bulldoze it to make more mosquito halls, eh, overpriced apartments.


They remembered the flag but left the ladder at home?


??? Kuabuo.


If we only start a religion with this amazing story.

Despite a cop below him pleading him not to, the Great Miao climbed the decorative wood panels for our sins of not paying him more pension. The cop spoke falsehood about how the Great Miao would fall from the climb.

In order to save the cop from the embarrassment of his false prophecy, the Great Miao then promptly obliged, breaking the decorative wood panels with his strong legs, crushing the rest of the panels with his weight and plunged to his death for all of us.


Now I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy.

Yeah, that Meow cat deserved some piling on for such a death. But enough is enough.

So… how come no ladder?


And actually, no flag. I saw no flag in his hand/person in the video. But maybe that was why he did not have a good grip on teh stuff.

Heck, even the kids had the common sense of getting a ladder… and numbers. That solo mission was doomed to failure. I guess no one thought he would fall, and no one imagined he would break the ceiling/canopy and crash so badly on the ground. Falling on his head was awful.

I have always thought that ceiling would be helpful if you had to escape the building in a fire. Now I know I ain’t taking that route for sure.


And if you think they learned their lesson…nope. Once again, one elder fellow climbed above to hoist the falg, this time, at the centenary Control Yuan. Luckily for all involved, no fatalities this time.

Between you and me, these protests were what we call in our side of the globe “four cats”. Yet the wall of barbed wire surrounded four blocks…


Cuatro gatos? :thinking: :confused: