Legislator David Chien 錢達 ? Anyone know of him?

Has anyone heard of 錢達 AKA David Chien?

I met him at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall tonight. Had a long discussion with him and slowly dawned on me that he seemed like a professional politician. I thought I recognised him. When I asked for his card, he hesitated for a moment before giving me the one with the name above.

I thought I recognised him but didn’t recognise the name. Can anyone help? I thought I recognised him as a PFP guy and he also talked of the KMT in the 3rd person.

I’ve found nothing from Googling the name.

Incidentally, we talked about wider problems with political culture in Taiwan and I asked him if he’d ever been involved in a fight in the legislature. He said no he hadn’t. Bearing in mind the context of the protests being about dishonesty and corruption, I’d be very interested if anyone knows this to be untrue.

I have a photo of him but don’t know how to insert it.

錢達 was a New Party legislator. He is now a member of the Democratic Action Alliance (民主行動聯盟).

Thank you very much.

Did he ever make headlines? Was he a “somebody” or just a party hack? Anything noteworthy to be said about him?

He said some interesting things to me tonight, but I’d rather hear what others know about him before prejudicing their comments with anything he said to me or any opinion I formed about him.

He’s written a book called 黃旗夢碎 which details the rise and fall of the New Party. I think he’s more than a party hack. Since leaving the New Party, he was the secretary for a short lived organization called 民主團結聯盟, which sounds like it may have been the precursor to his current organization - 民主行動聯盟.

Maybe others will have more of an opinion on this, but from the limited google searches I’ve done, he seems to be someone with lofty ideals. Hence, he rather align himself with small organizations that share those ideals rather than with the compromises and corruption of the big parties. He’s definitely pan-blue, btw.

Can someone msg fruitloop and tell him how to upload the photo?

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