Legislators in US propose bill to invest in semiconductor fabs

Impact on Taiwan’s flagship industry?

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It isn’t clear from news articles whether foreign companies can also access these funds as long as they manufacture in the states. It is also unclear which parts of the supply chain the bill covers. If it is only fabs and only domestic companies then I would start to think about it, otherwise it will make negligible difference.

I think Samsung might have more to worry about actually. Samsung is funding a bleeding semiconductor arm of the company in hopes rival US companies would die first.

The trend towards deglobalization isn’t good for Taiwan though. Decoupling from China is great but over deglobalization not so much.

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I feel no ill will toward Taiwanese industry, but autarky is an idea whose time is long overdue.

International trade should be optional.

Autarky…where have I heard that before? Hmmmm

Let’s do the North Korea thing! It’s working out so well for them! :rofl:

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I’m pretty sure Nork’s problems have far more to do with totalitarian socialism than with juche.

Socialists suck at everything except repression.

Yes, that’s a blanket statement.

Says the one who can express literacy on an internet forum due to socialised schooling. :rofl:

Autarky IS socialism.

Uh, no. You must have me confused with someone else.

I learned to read before I ever went to public school.

Everything I know that didn’t turn out to be bullshit I learned outside the public school system. Self educated here. Went to high school, went to college, but… self educated.

You’ve been saying a lot of things lately that indicate you overestimate your own knowledge. Just saying. You might want to try to be less assuming and more empirical. There’s a whole world going on outside your head.

(I do appreciate that private kindergarten where I learned to read and write. Parental financial reversals forced me into the public schools after that. But aside from that, everything true and useful I know I learned OUTSIDE of any formal educational system whatsoever. I used to tutor victims of the public school system, so don’t expect me to give it any credit.)

No, it’s pretty much the opposite.

Smart people know that blanket statements come from an area of prejudice. :rofl:

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You’re better at irony than I expected… assuming that was on purpose.

You’re telling people you can’t buy products made abroad and can’t sell to people abroad. That’s socialism.

Yeah! Rowland’s advocating for government-imposed restrictions! :rofl:

The comedy doesn’t stop!

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You must have borrowed Brianjones’ dictionary.

Finally someone besides me recognizes TSMC should be worried.

For the longer term, the economist cautions that Taiwan’s competitive advantage could be undermined as the world’s two largest economies compete to invest in their own semiconductor capacity