Lego unveils first LGBTQ set ahead of Pride Month

Pride month parade coming up?

Maybe some will dress as lego :slight_smile:

Some nice hair styles happenin’


I can imagine some child getting really disappointed getting this instead of a Star Wars set.

What are you supposed to do with this lego set?


Clearly you’re behind on your AFOL trends.

Hunger Games?

Interesting to see a company adapt to (/pander to) current trends to stay in business, though. I think Lego has been pretty good at that over the decades.


Wait, it’s just a bunch of rainbow colored people? How generic and boring.

If you want a cool LGBT Lego set, have it be a Stonewall riot set, or maybe have a LEGO Harvey Milk walking down a LEGO Castro Street (maybe with a sinister LEGO Dan White lurking in the background). Something that pays homage to the history of the LGBT+ movement, but is still interesting.

@Andrew0409 is right. No one would want this, including the LGBT+ community.

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“Having LGBT-inclusive toys creates a space for families to let LGBT children know that they are loved and accepted,” Joe Nellist, from the UK’s LGBT Foundation, told CNN.

While the statement might have some truth but I’m almost certain any child would pick other lego sets over this if you took them to the lego store.

I am a lego fan. I’ve never once thought about the race of my lego figures or their sexual orientation…they are legos :man_shrugging: You are supposed to use your imagination…you can create any story from your lego and have your story have gay characters. Do they really need to be rainbow color for someone to imagine they are gay?

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Okay, so obviously this is fine

and this is fine

but rainbow brick people are a crime against Star Wars fans. Got it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind of like how this is fine

and this is fine

but as soon as someone suggests there might be queer muppets, the internet explodes and Greg Gutfeld does a 6+ minute (mediocre as usual) segment on the absurdity of the possibility that such a thing could even be thinkable. :cactus:


I would say they are all stupid and not fun. Has nothing to do with gay or not. My comments are not about if gay lego is fine or not. Just that particular set seems boring. It’s just figures in rainbow color.

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I suppose you think smurfs are boring too, 'cause after all, they’re just blue people. :mushroom:

Don’t get me started on smurf romance though – that’s pretty far out, even by my home planet’s standards. :speak_no_evil:

It’s not being marketed at kids, it will be a statement made by parents/carers. I think it will sell loads.

They could have put a bit more effort into making it fun/interactive, though. Their designers have been pretty lazy. It’ll end up as yet more plastic waste.

I’d actually be a bit pissed if I were in the LGBT community. It’s a pretty cynical piss take by Lego.


This is the answer you’re looking for.

Don’t expect that this will gain value through the years because 85% of sets won’t ever actually be opened.

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that first one is so not fine, highly problematic:

  1. racist bird
  2. woman sucking giant lollipop
  3. pedo bear
  4. glorifies alcohol consumption
  5. pineapple

Yes, I could see people getting this for the photos and perhaps to put in on a shelf; not being difficult to put together is part of the design


hopefully use their imagination and build shit, rather than just going along with the builds in the precanned sets?

yea, so why would they be disappointed in this over a star wars set? they can imagine those to be whatever they want and build whatever starwars sets they want, right? ;D

they’re legos bro. kids have been fun with them not being interactive for decades.

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They can’t build anything with rainbow color figures. It’s pretty stupid.

Are we really going to pretend this is what children would want to play with?

Mixing the people into various color configurations would be fun for about ten minutes, I bet.


This is going to costs 34.99 USD haha :joy:

Interesting point about mixing

I wonder if it reinforces the idea that black people should have one line, white people should have another line, etc. From a colour perspective it is actually quite offensive. But, I guess the average child is wise enough to distinguish the difference between colours for people and colours for people…

I guess not, but I bet it would reinforce the idea that your parents have gone batshit.

Oh come off it. It’s clearly shit.