Lego unveils first LGBTQ set ahead of Pride Month

That’s a amazingly poor opinion of kids’ imaginations after saying they’re supposed to use your imagination and create any story you want. Kids have no problem pretending a stick is a person, dog, magic wand, food, etc, etc, but a rainbow colored figure is a show stopper?! ha.

I think most kids that like legos to begin with would like a bunch of rainbow colored characters, because kids tend to love colorful things. :man_shrugging:

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Any Legos are better than no Legos, but I bet any kid would prefer something more interesting and/or adaptable

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Idk if you’re being serious. Are we really going to pretend that this would be something a child would pick over other lego sets?

Tell me with a straight face this is a good lego set if it had nothing to do with LGBTQ.

It’s legos bro. How much more or less interactive do you think these are compared to regular ones?

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Well, usually you can make things with lego. Which is a start.

I myself see this as marketed more towards adults/collectors, as mentioned above. While Lego may ostensibly say it’s to normalize the LGBT community in the minds of children (which is great), the company is also capitalizing on current LGBT awareness to make a profit (which is also OK because, well, they’re a business).

Anyway, for some reason it reminded me of this beer parody commercial :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Depends on how much they’ve been affected by the brainwashing marketing machine. I would bet many kids at my child’s school would pick this over a batman or star wars set…but I send my child to a hippy waldof school which doesn’t allow mass marketed characters of any kind, and parents agree to limit mass media. ;D

I think it’s a good set for kids, as I think the precanned sets are crap for kids, and I like the bright vibrant colors. I also don’t like that precanned sets tend to (not that they have to, but tend to) limit kids creativity as they attempt to build the set as designed rather than building what they want. Now, for an adult, yea, a millenium falcon or saturn v set would be way better. ;D


Many sets are targeted at adults. AFOL = Adult Fans of Lego

What kids care about a 90s sitcom?



Mass produced plastic crap is OK as long as it has bright and vibrant colors.

I really think you’re trying too hard, here, but full marks for effort.

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That’s all you can conjure up? You need to try harder! :laughing:

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Ok then :laughing:

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They are objectively less interactive because there’s a lack of variety and a lot of the pieces are one-sided.

Actually, it’s a great metaphor for how hypocritical and ridiculous the whole thing is.

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Soooo… Just like some other Legos.

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If we take every other set pictured here as a convenient sample, the only other set which is like that is this one

Meh. This is like rainbow Oreos or rainbow Doritos- it’s a marketing gimmick from a big multinational to get some friendly publicity.
Reminds me of when Rod Dreher at American Conservative was genuinely shocked when polls revealed that lefties didn’t like big corporations. Didn’t they have their Human Resources Department hold meetings to discuss woke attitudes? Didn’t they sometimes sponsor floats in Gay Pride parades?
That’s all the stuff the left cared about, wasn’t it? They weren’t worried about low wages, excess hours, last minute shift changes, heath insurance, childcare, no input, speed-ups- y’know, things like that.

As for the picture: this is the record-setting 39, 872nd failure of the Babylon Bee to actually be funny.


Well, as you point out, unlike the corporations they are mocking at least they have managed to be relevant! Speaking of social issues, I know nothing about workers rights in lego factories but almost certainly some are in countries like China (childcare is probably good at corporate, but probably the executive is straight/white/male). Another issue of greater importance than rainbows is the environment, so maybe they should make a product more relevant to that rather than exclusively making plastic pieces that aliens will be puzzling over long after we’re gone!


Any small set by itself is… small (duh). You combine one with another and another. It really is amazing how this is just lego people in different colors and with different hairstyles – which is not new btw, just being marketed in a new way – and yet some people are practically melting down because of it. Hence why I made the muppet comparison.

Actually, it gave me a mild chuckle. BB is light years ahead of GG (for whatever that’s worth).

Who’s melting down?

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My kids are into Legos.
If I bought them this set it would end up like any other set I’ve bought for them…
Built according to the picture the first time, and then a minute later torn to pieces and dumped into their big lego container where all sets get mixed into oblivion and then the pieces used to build anything they want from their imagination.

That is why I stopped buying themed sets. Now I just get them the creative mix boxes of just bricks.

This set is obviously a novelty set for ”older big kids”


Lego’s bad for two reasons: environmental and foot injuries.