LeMans Live onboard Audi R15

Audi TV has the onboard live video…just under 10 hours to go…


didnt open !!

I watched it a bit ago and it was Peugeot still in front with one Audi in second whereas earlier it was Peugeot 1 and 2 with Audi 3 and 4.

works fine for me

working now ! cOOL . very COOL. danke

only problem is with no commentary one doesnt know what position the audi are in or anything else. still need to watch a live tv broadcast of the race

but its awesome how the audi seem to pass everything in its way , effortlessly

Speed TV (cable channel) is using the Audi car cam alot… after the flaming Peugeot DNF’d.

Couldnt watch it for hours and hours but congrats to Audi for winning 1, 2, and 3 All three cars finished and in top 3 positions. Quite an accomplishment.