Leopard: Heads Up!

The new OS X lets users page through docs without ever having to open them. So … um… I gotta go. Draw your own conclusions.

Leopard presentation

[color=red]Mod note: the above link will open a window to download a guided tour of Leopard. The download is 380MB. If you want a link to the web page of apple go to: www.apple.com[/color]

Leopard is gonna be yet another awesome release of Apple. Another week to get my hands on it. :slight_smile:

Sorry Mod… Here is the link I should have used and no the forced download.

John’s Quicktime presentation on Leopard

Speaking of Leopards

“So, we thought, what better way than to call to mind punk forefather Iggy Pop’s long, terrifying struggle with a near-fatal heroin habit?”

The 30-second spot, which premiered Monday during Everybody Loves Raymond, features images of gleaming skyscrapers, money changing hands, and businessmen on cell phones striding confidently down marble hallways. Notably absent from the ad is any footage of a shirtless, bleeding Iggy Pop in skintight leopard-print pants, repeatedly bashing himself in the face with a microphone onstage at the legendary New York punk venue CBGB[/quote]

Song About Heroin Used To Advertise Bank