Leprosy test for marriage?

If you get hitched in this country, do you need a leprposy “test”? (they just look at you nude, no?)


For Christ’s sake, Ed, don’t give them any ideas

Jesus! If I have to stand in front of some naked middle-aged medico the wedding will be well and truly OFF! :noway:

I had the leprosy test. Yep, you are nude. Although I’m still trying to work out why its OK to have leprosy and you can teach kids but you can’t have syphilis. However, if you have syphilis you are allowed to get the marriage visa. As long as you don’t have leprosy.

The mind boggles.

You just shuck it all, a doctor glances at you for three milliseconds and says “clean!”, then you put it all back on.

What I’d like to know is why it’s so important for them that foreign spouses don’t have rectal polyps. Now THAT is an embarrassing test.


I friend of mine told me he got tested for leprosy here - but that was a while back. I was just wondering if it still existed or if other people had undergone it.

Parenthetically, I got my health test done at MacKay hospital last week (nothing I hate more) and they examined my passport four times (perfectly healthy) - at four separate stations - never mind that that the whole thing is done in a tiny area. Two stations are actually about two meters away from each other and I was the only person there. It’s amazing. What do they think I’m going to do? Change passports between the blood desk and the X-ray desk? Or send in my double? I know they are just following procedure, but really. I asked the doctor why the didn’t administer AIDS tests to businessmen returning from the mainland and he just looked at me. No question here; just grumbling.

I have a polyp in my asshole but the nurses here just dont want to check it out.

I got married here in Taipei back in 1999 and I never did a leprosy test or checked for ass polyps…

No standing naked in front of a doctor or having my asshole checked out… I am not sure if you guys are serious…

I did have to give them a turd though back then to check for parasites to get my ARC, but that’s no more…

At least you now have the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have leprosy.

I remember there was a leprosy test required for my marriage visa. Though the doc at the Darmstadt health center had no idea how to do that and just asked me if I had traveled to a leprosy country (we both had no idea what that would be, Republic of Leprosia?) and so he tagged “no leprosia”.

Next, they come up with a Rage virus test http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/28_Days_Later if they keep watching TV…

I’ve had them all … all the tests I mean for my spousel visa/ARC … I had them done in Belgium and they had to open a manual to be sure how to do some of the ridiculous tests … go figure

I had the test for Hansen’s disease done here for my JFRW, sort of that is. It worked like this.

Doctor: “And now it’s time for the leprosy test”.
Me: “Cool, does it involve drawing blood?”
Doctor: “No, you have to strip nekkid in front of me.”
Me: “So I start to undress now, in front of the nurse?”
Doctor: “No no, you don’t need to undress, I check the box and it will be OK.”

I don’t think they have caught anyone from the west with it as it is very rare in the developed world.

I wasn’t naked during my leprosy test. Please deport me.

That will be my new signature (and it’s true as well).

They probably scratch a few tests together so that they have to do something …
it probably goes like this in a panel, deciding what tests to include …

Dr.1: … hmmm, which test can we include to piss off those foreigners …
Dr.2: … euh, the toe cheese test …?
Dr.1: no, too easy, they could just scrub it off …
Dr.2: uhm … let me think … aha, ear wax something test …
Dr.3: that’s not good, I know … we test for genital warts, some of those fuckers should have them, this way we can get our quota of canceled ARC’s …

Anyways, maybe not that funny, just a fluke of my brain … have to go in for surgery today …

No leprosy test or butt polyp test.(2004)
I had just gotten a new, clean passport before coming over here so it didn’t indicate any ‘countries of question’ in it. Maybe that why no leprosy test.

I did have to provide a ‘stool’ sample. I gave them quite a bit more than they wanted.

Thankfully I brought my own ‘clean-up’ supplies.

I’m in the USA right now trying to do this residency visa thing, and got through all of it except the leprosy test. The thing is, no doctor here knows how to do it. One doctor called the Center for Disease Control and was told it was an involved procedure that took 28 days to get results, but they still didn’t know where to do it. I just got my police report, and if the leprosy test takes 28 days, my police report will be expired. The leprosy test is on the medical examination form, so TECO insists that it must be done.

In view of the above posts, I think I’d do better just to fly to Taiwan and process my paperwork there. If the doctors want to see me naked, I can handle it.

You’re doing the health check in the US? You should wait until you come to Taiwan and have it done here. Save you a fortune.

I’ve never heard of a requirement for leprosy tests. Odd they’d choose such a rare and bizarre disease. Why not also test for lumbago?