Lesbian marriage taipei

is there a place in taipei, buddhist or christian or private, that would marry an overseas lesbian couple? they are looking at thailand, if you have an opinion on which is more lgbt friendly it would be welcome.

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Do you want “just” the ceremony? Is the religious part important to one of you or to you both?

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Are they from countries that officially allow lesbian marriages? You need that to be officially married here, if that’s what was intended.


I wasn’t aware that Buddhist temples do weddings of any kind. Am I missing something?


Thanks for the response.
They are from Vietnam, the religious part is not so important.

are they Vietnamese? And what they want to do is just a ceremony?

Same sex unions aren’t legal in Vietnam, so they aren’t legal in Taiwan.

The religious bit was very confusing.

If they just want to have a ceremony without any government agencies involved, I’d try a wedding hall.

thanks for the information

What? Dickus? What am i missing

Fair point, I phrased it poorly.

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