Less polluted areas to live in Taipei?

Can anyone tell me which districts/areas are less polluted and noisy in Taipei? Or direct me to a previous thread posted about that?

Muzha down by the river. Muxin Lu Sec 2 and 3. Just the river and mountains on the other side. Go for long walks in the evening along the dikes and through the uni with great fresh air.

As for quiet, it’s great. My biggest complaint is the birds waking me up at 5.30am.

The thing to know about Taipei air pollution is that it is 95% car exhaust. Get away from cars and you get away from the pollution. Summer time the ozone often builds from 9am-3pm but breaks up by the evenings and you have nice fresh air in the outer areas.

I suggest one evenign you take the MRT to Muzha Station, get off, walk across the road to the river and follow the dike up a few km. You’ll see and smell the difference.

I haven’t ever seen any apartments out Muzha way advertised for rent on Taiwanted. Do people use other channels, is there a shortage of apartments, do people just buy, or is it just too far out for most people to be bothered with? Or something else?

I’ve seen a few. It’s hardly too far out now with the MRT and gondola. Driving from my place to Taipei 101 is now 9km, or less than 15minutes through the new tunnel.

You rarely see any places for Bitan either and that’s a nice place to live with fresh air and mountains. You also rarely see place for rent in Bali, or Neihu or Yangmingshan, or Beitou, or Guandu or really any of the greener, cleaner parts of the city. But they are there. Just go to those areas and look around and ask at local real estate offices.

Thanks. We’re about to move out to the Wanfang Hospital area after living in Neihu, and I’m interested in how far out you have to move to find a less crowded and polluted environment.

There are some nice places right by the hills near the hospital but try Wanfang Community itself, as that is up on a hill, with great views and lots of greenery. There are little parks everywhere and sidewalks you can actually walk on (no scooters). The dike is only about 1km down the road, for biking and walking.

Some of the roads just lead up the hill to dead ends so housing along these is very quiet. Just take the MRT to Wanfang Community get off and walk up, taking the first left after crossing the main road.

If you get off at Wanfang Hospital Station you will find yourself in a very noisy crowded area. But yes, one stop down the line is a great little community in the hills.

I lived up in Wanfang Community for a year and loved it.

I live on a mountain in Xindian…It’s about a 4 minute scooter ride to the closest MRT ( Xindian city hall MRT) I can see the blanket of pollution lying all over the city…there is always a nice draft blowing through the house and butterflies all around.

I’m very upset…I have never smoked a cigarette in my WHOLE life, and just had bronchitis. The doctor looked at my chest X-ray and says that I look like a smoker. NOT HAPPY! 7 years of driving around on a scooter inhaling fumes I’m sure had a LOT to do with it. Going to get a good mask now…


Hi, can someone tell here how much this Wanfang Community apartments are?, I would need at least 3 bedrooms (if possible 4 but depends on the final price), is it any kind of facilities (club house, swimming pool, etc). Finally do you know a real estate agent who I can call for details.
My family and me we are living also in Muzha (Discovery Hill condo) and we really like the area, but after 8 months we realized the space is really small, besides that we donot like the ridiculous kitchen they provided (even I learnt this is standard in Taipei) so we want to find a good place.
Thanks / David

Discovery Hill is large and spacious by Taiwan standards! and far from being standard for Taipei, the kitchens are fairly well configured too. mind you, i only know one apartment there really well… maybe ours actually was smaller.

good luck finding something better. it would be almost impossible to find an apartment as large as an American house without spending the moon.