Let Jane Share You How To Send And Receive Items At 7-11 In Taiwan

Way more information than you can possibly ever use.

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in fact, many people should not know how to use the store-to-store delivery service

Oh, I guess I won’t then


send items what you wanna mail.

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Will you stop being polite please … getting all soft like @Rocket

Hey did you get my flowers???

Oh, wait.
OK, never mind.

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The flowers were eaten by bears , You sent a bomb by mistake :yum:

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You wish, ace.

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Whoever is teaching “wanna”, will you please fucking desist.

You know who’s teaching that, don’t you?

It all started with that Eddie Grant singer

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I only started this thread for the humorous responses.

The first link actually has useful information, but in the site she answers questions like “What does a visa debit card look like?” Then there’s the one above about Uber. Uber has 2 months to live in Taiwan.

And we’re all still waiting…

The scope of SendingIs as follows ( if the inconsistency will not be able to provide the receiving service)

I think there must be some hidden redpill in that article, I’ll need to read it more carefully this weekend,

This site is a real treasure trove of the finest English spelling and grammar.

Let’s Jane Share You My
2019 Penghu Detailed Guide
Send You Sepcial Promo

But I failed to download my sepcial porno.

Her English is better than my Chinese. It would take me a year full time to write up this convoluted ibon “Taiwan UX” in Chinese.


Fairly irrelevant. No one is discussing your Chinese or lack thereof.

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