Let the Rude White Person on Subway Hysteria Begin

〈獨家〉佔博愛座 沒品老外北捷喧譁惹厭

tw.news.yahoo.com/article/url/d/ … 2q3vc.html

Is this the Chinese forum?

This person has clearly not taken the subway. WTF? They must have been taking acid in the restroom before they got on the train. I guess no foreigner got drunk or otherwise offended the obviously impeccable standards of Taiwanese morality and social order today, so they dreamed this shit up, on the same acid trip no doubt.

The idea that priority seats are off limits to regular passengers is very local. Ever been to Hong Kong? Nobody gives up their seats to the elderly there. In fact, I’ve witnessed HK tourists on the Taipei MRT totally oblivious to the priority seats and the dirty looks they were getting from local riders.

taiwanese would NEVER behave badly on subways… thats what the less civilized foreigners do… selfrighteous *#+$ *&@+

Um… can someone give a quick English rundown of what the story is about?

I can’t read this but i did see something on TV. maybe it’s the same story.

2 young white kids are on the train. The looked younger than 18 in my opinion.
Talking loudly and sitting in the ‘reserved’ seats.

A young woman tells them off and they reply “Hey, you speak nice english”.

same one?

Same. How is two noisy teens on the subway newsworthy? Oh, right: They’re white kids…Silly me. :eh:

I sit on those seats because (1) I’m old, and (2) nobody else is. If an older geezer comes in I’ll get up.

Well, to their credit, they just followed it up with a story about 3 teen girls in Hualien who went out to the KTV at lunchtime and came back to class staggering drunk. I stand corrected, must be stupid teens make the news day. :blush:

Marty’s video of the old lady on the scooter with the child’s head a few inches from the pavement is up next…Aiyo… :doh:

Too young to be english teachers. Some ex-pat businessman’s kids. I wonder if there was any old people or pregnant ladies waiting to use the seats?
I doubt it. I guess the kids that she was a a bit anal retentive and decided to be cheeky

My girlfriend explained it to me last night and i just laughed and said “This is what makes the news in Taiwan?”.
She laughed and said it was because foreigners are somewhat rare and therefore interesting. When you see what sheltered lives the Taiwanese live is it any wonder?

Anything goes when it comes to news in Taiwan:

I can imagine what would happen if TV news in Australia played footage of a middle aged asian women pissing on a busy street in sydney (next to Paddy’s market on a sunday in 2009).

yes same one but written quite differently and with a foxus on the valiant chinese people who keep to the regulations while the uncivilized foreigners ignore them and stroke their hair (which is apparently a bad thing that taiwanese wouldnt do… the hair stroking…)

So were there old people unable to get a seat, or is it a story about an ignorant hayseed who doesn’t have a clue about riding the MRT? Which?

It seems that their main outrage was being too noisy. Japan is always nannying people to be silent on the subway. I guess some people in Taiwan feel the same way–public places should be quiet.

Some people who could have used the seats did get on the train. They “had to go to seats further away.” Oh, the horror.

Incubus is right. The real message is that an able-bodied person is NEVER supposed to sit in one of the priority seats. A lot of the story was focused on how well MRT passengers speak English. They can even shush foreigners.

and the foreigners remark on their great english :slight_smile:

In which case, why does it say: “please yield your seat.”? And why are they called “priority seats” rather than “reserved seats.” Fucking bumpkin hayseed straw-between-their-toes ignoramuses! But no! Really! I mean REALLY! I LOVE Taiwan! LOOOOVE it! :roflmao:

In which case, why does it say: “please yield your seat.”? And why are they called “priority seats” rather than “reserved seats.” Fucking bumpkin hayseed straw-between-their-toes ignoramuses! But no! Really! I mean REALLY! I LOVE Taiwan! LOOOOVE it! :roflmao:[/quote]
Exactly. The sign says “Please yield your seat.” They’re not exclusively the domain of the elderly, handicapped, etc., but are to be yielded to elderly/handicapped/pregnant people if they’re in the vicinity.

I’ll sit in them if I need a seat, and nobody is around who fits the four categories of priority use. But if an old person gets on at a stop, I will give up my seat.

By the way, don’t you just loooove Google Translate?


Take Taipei MRT, many foreigners, afraid of the language barrier for foreign friends know what to do, all signs are in English and Chinese control, but the purpose remains the white foreigners, not only in the compartment noise, but also blatantly get priority seats, should be completely ignored Courteous reminder to the elderly and infirm, it is exaggerated to discourage fellow passengers, the anti-choking each other speak English pretty well.

Laugh, while also waving hand gesture, the Taipei Rapid Transit train, a group of foreigners chatting, Bobo hair, pull the pull the nose, as their living rooms, chat can be fun, and the volume of the large, so that fellow passengers Really can not stand, open to discourage, and is given such an answer. Designer Wang Yili: "I told them directly, sorry, Can Hush, you little noisy, and he looked at me, Oh, English is good thing, they come in to sit on love seat, and later some of Older and, on the contrary have to go farther seat. "

Angry record the videos, because these noisy, no one else’s foreign friends, two of them sat down, and it is the comity of the priority seats to the elderly and infirm. TVBS reporter Zhong Peijun: "love seat on the Taipei MRT, in fact, used different colors to distinguish seats, I write first, the side of the notices are bilingual. "

Designer Wang Yili: "Regardless of his own country how much freedom, but today you come to another country, that is, the rules and respect other people’s habits. "

Afraid car foreign friends do not understand the rules, all signs are in the Taipei MRT bilingual event of unruly, North Jie also move, please pick up the car with the passenger car microphone, Mandarin Ye Hao, English Well ㄟ Pass, station personnel to help you for justice, but the bilingual notices addressed to civilized look, civic virtue, or depends on personal qualities.

Speaking of courtesy, etiquette and civilized behavior on public transport…If locals not waiting for people to get off trains and MRTs before they attempt to butt their way on was a news story every time it happened, that would be enough material for a 24/7 news network in itself.

Some ex-pats should do a parody video on rude Taiwanese in the style of Taiwain TV ‘news’.

I’ve got a decade of experience as professional video editor so all we need now is actors and a camera.

Could be epic. Who’s in?