Let's list all the places that won't accept ARC

In the past foreigners have written to the director of the palace museum and they simply wrote back saying sorry, foreigner no deal. It was on this site in the past.

Another is phone service promotions.
Both Taiwan mobile and Fareastone telecom had special online only sales for $599 a month with only a one year contract and unlimited 4G.

Put in all my info on both sites, and arc number and a pop came up and said foreigners can’t apply online only in the shop. And that deal isn’t available in the shop conveniently.
I sent a complaint to Taiwan mobile and the guy called back and said put it in your friends name to get the deal, arc won’t work.

Pretty much for anything, bank loan, phone service credit cards, pension for arc people only, arc is next to worthless in Taiwan.

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Yep, my coworker even called them to see if I could get the same deal. They straight up told her it’s not available to foreigners and that I had to go to the store to see what similar deals they had. I ended up with the same thing, but for two years instead of one.

Mackay Project is a bargain, only 20 years of residence required vs 50, and some volunteer work on the weekends. :grinning::grinning:

APRC is useless in these cases too.

I follow the thread Pensions for permanent residents closely (cause I am getting gold). Pretty sure APRCer are eligible for pension, but need to go down to the Labor Office one day and get the facts straight.

With your hard work at the office… :smiley:

I wonder why the activity in this forum decays so much at 6:00 PM :smiley:

Yup they offered me the same but I didn’t want two years contract because I go home yearly for a few months and hate paying the cancellation fee.

I ended up arguing with YaTai telecom and they hooked me up eventually with a 1 year 4g unlimited plan for $249 a month. The speed is limited to 21mbps. Their network is not as good but works well for me so far.

Hey! Sitting at a desk all day is hard work, and it doesn’t prepare me properly for my “death cage” match with the agongs and amas.

Actually my ass is sore too.

In theory, APRC holders may have pension, like, paid in installments instead of a single bulk payment. However, i am not holding my breath as I haven’t figured out since when are we supposed to be paying in order to qualify and other pesky details.

Anyway, it is after 65 years old. That is a bit far…

And there’s no way I’m gonna work till I’m 65… IIRC, the average retirement age here is something like 58.

65 and they want to raise to 67. It is 67 in the ol country.

With 25 years in the same place, you get 100% benefits.

Just to let you know, if you die while working your spouse gets LESS money than if you do kick it after retirement. I don’t get it.

It looks like a lot of people aren’t getting their full benefits then. I wonder what proportion of the people who retire at 58 do so willingly.

Most people I know do not retire willingly. The loss in income is dramatic. A good friend’s mom has “retired” 3 times. Goes back to work to make ends meet. One acquaintance worked as a head accountant for one of the biggest corportaions in Taiwan. Forced to retire, very depressed about income, takes private cases to add to family income. I know a nationalized furriner who worked ina local airline. After retierment, complements income selling food in a day market. Like those, I know many cases. Unless you are government people, pension is not enough.

Pension isn’t enough in many countries anymore.

Problem in Taiwan is the disparity. The wealth gap in privilege due to pedigree is a festering infection that can destroy the fabric of society faster than anything else.

The “new system” for permanent residents is coming. They just haven’t set a date yet afaik.

Hmmm…do you live in Taipei? Does it mean that much to you? You could try the annoying whiney “It’s not fair, my wife and family can, how come I can’t. It’s not fair”.
Visit the director and other officials often but politely.
It worked for me for minor things like coo cards and memberships.
Seriously, this is rollback of rights
Mr Hartzel DID go to many of these agencies and places to earn us these rights. We need an official negotiator to argue again for us.

AFAIK, the rules are:

  • 25 years with the same company, any age, full benefits.

  • 15 years with the same company, 55 yo, full benefits.

  • 10 years with the same company, 65 yo, full benefits.