Let's organize a referendum


So we’ve got this new referendum law, and I’ve already got a bunch of referenda I’d like to see conducted. Are any of these kosher?

  1. To make myself king of Taiwan.
  2. To change the nationality law.
  3. To change the referendum law (just to see if it can be done).

That’s enough for Phase One. So, assuming any of them are contemplatable, what exactly do I need to do?

I understand that there are three stages. The first stage is to collect about 2000 signatures. (I suppose I need to fill out some forms first, so maybe that should be stage zero?) The second is to collect about 200,000 signatures–and this part I totally don’t get. What’s this for? And the third is the actual referendum.

Another question: The news reports all say that the law forbids changing the national title or flag. Does it specifically say that, or does it just forbid doing anything to change the constitution? You see, if my idea about using the referendum law to change the referendum law doesn’t work out for some reason, it’s occurred to me that the flag could be changed by changing the Flag Law, not the part in the Constitution about the flag (which is rather vague as to design).


Can you please add this for me

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If you are not a citizen of the ROC reaching 20 years of age, you should find a proposer of the referendum first.

Referendm Act
Chapter 2 Proposer, Joint Signer and Voter
Article 7
Any citizen of the ROC reaching 20 years of age shall have the right of referendum, unless the declaration of guardianship has yet been revoked.