Lets talk about INDONESIA!

I wonder if someone with Indonesia experience might review my intineary, such as it is at the stage of the planning process, and make whatever suggestions, recommendations, or snide comments as might be deemed appropriate. Thanks.

I apologize for not knowing some place names.

I had been thinking about North Sumatra but given: 1) The fact that it will probably rain a lot this time of year and 2) The fact that the extreme north, where I wanted to go, is quite roundly discouraged on account of all the beheadings and such, I have settled on Java instead. I have been to Bali and Lombok and loved them both but am eager to see more of the country so I will land in Jakarta instead, bus up into the mountains for an evening stay at the “lazy buffalo! wack em in the testicle” place before heading down to the coast to the “almost bali” place. If I am feeling particularly rambunctious I may head further down all the way to Bali where if it is possible may catch a boat or plane to Sulaweisi. From Sulaweisi I will get back to Jakarta one way or another.

I have two weeks to accomplish such.

So O.K. my plan wasn’t not terribly well organized yesterday. How about this…

Saturday - Fly to Jakarta. Arrive late afternoon/early evening. Catch late flight to Makassar (Sulawesi).

Sunday - Head up into the mountains for a day or two with the Tana Toraja.

Tuesday - Try to make it to Ampana.

Wednesday - Boat to Togean Islands.

Many, many days swimming with dolphins and swinging with monkeys etc.

Next Tuesday or so - Head back to Makassar.

Wednesday - Boat to Surabaya.

Thursday- Return to Jakarta.

Saturday - Return flight to Taipei.

Please, is this even remotely reasonable?

By the way you lot are invited to tag along provided you are prepared to leave Jan 29. I paid round about NTD13,000 for my tick to Jakarta and anticipate around another 4,000 for the airfare to Sulawesi. Accomodation and transport after that should even out at about NTD1,500 - 2,000 per day I reckon. This will be a rather demanding excursion I imagine so if you are not in the mood for a bit of a challenge you might wanna give it a miss. Otherwise you can contact me through my contact info. I am scheduled to return Feb.15 but perhaps you are luckier than I in the sense of having more time. Anyway I see no reason not to at least head out with a fellow forumosan if that is at all possible. Indonesia scares me a bit. :oops: Cheers.