Let's talk about the China Post and its editorials

I can’t help but notice that on forumosa, discussion of the local papers tends to focus on the Taipei Times and its pros and/or cons. That’s fine by me since, in the interests of full disclosure, i work there and i believe there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well, i should qualify that. What I mean is it’s good that people discuss my paper and tend to completely overlook the Taiwan News (cuz honestly, what’s to say about it?) and the China Post.

But there are things in the China Post that deserve discussion, in particular its editorials. Does anyone read that paper’s editorials? Is anyone as confused and outraged by them as I am?

Hopefully, in this thread we can dissect some of the oddities of the China Post and especially its editorials. I look forward to picking up the paper later today and getting started.

[quote=“xxxamtaipei”]Does anyone read that paper’s editorials?[/quote]The only times I even see a copy of the China Post is either out the corner of my eye in 7-11, or wrapped around a wet fish.

I remember a Peter Ling column (entitled “Thoughts”), in which he saluted a doctor who claimed to be a pioneer in modern eugenics. That was about seven years ago.

Shouldn’t it be called “The Taiwan Post” or “Taiwan Herald”?

I quit reading the China Post because of their editorials. They never said anything that 99% of their readers wouldn’t agree with. The Taipei Times sometimes makes me mad with thier editorials, but at least they have opinions.
Typical China Post editorials: We Must Return to Confucian Values
Drugs and Crime are Bad
Government must not be Corrupt

China Post has the best cartoons.
Taiwan News has 2nd best cartoons.
Taipei Times just petty much sucks all around.

Don’t be dissin’ Zippy. Taipei Times comics rule!

ditto! like meehan pride too. and that guy with the beer, if he’s there anymore.

Don’t forget Boondocks!!!

Taipei Times runs Boondocks, therefore Taipei Times wins.

As for the China Post - I stopped reading it for the same reason I stopped reading either of the other two; they’re all generally barely worth wiping your arse on.

I hardly ever read the China Post any more. On the very few occasions when a copy does somehow or other come into my hands , I find there’s almost nothing worth reading in it, and the editorials are so dull, poorly written, turgid, and absurdly out of touch with the realities of present-day Taiwan as to be all but unreadable. Comparing the China Post with the generally excellent Taipei Times (which invariably has an hour’s worth of good reading in it) is like comparing the respective merits of casting one’s eyes over Annette Lu and Lin Chiling in their undies.

OK, this one today for example looks something out of one of the Communist Parties own propaganda papers.

chinapost.com.tw/editorial/d … 0391&GRP=i

It looks like a warning. A similar editorial in the Taipei Times might point out their motivation for saying such things, like they were coerced, etc. This one just looks like a warning from the KMT/CCP alliance.

Here is the other editorial today. YUCK!
chinapost.com.tw/editorial/d … 0390&GRP=i

Disgusting. They want to see Taiwan invaded by Communist China! These KMT people need to be tried for treason! It reminds me of Lien Chan’s pledge during the elections to do away with military service. He would love that. No troops and no weapons would make it easier for China to invade. When is someone going to put these KMT people into jail!

I don’t read the China Post specifically because of their Pro-China / KMT editorials. It shows their true colors which aren’t even BLUE, but instead RED like the Chinese Communist Party! The KMT is the PLA’s fifth column in Taiwan.

it seems i picked a good day to start this thread, because i’ve now had the chance to read the editorial in the china post and it’s a doosie.

let’s see. first it picks up as fact the number 275,000 for attendants at last saturday’s march that was first bandied about by Ma Ying-jeou. Never mind how irresponsible it was for Ma to toss out that figure, it also strikes me as horrendously wrong. the point is, the china post is being rather selective on deciding whose numbers to choose. In Washington DC, the park police, which oversees the Mall where most rallies take place, have refused for several years now to comment on numbers of people at rallies and protests because of the political implications of doing so. Maybe Taiwan should consider this as a matter of policy for its police. ok, now i’ll go back to smoking my crack.

anyway, the best part of the editorial was about two thirds of the way down (after the lengthy quote from Xinhua). “if chen’s restraint relfected a retreat from his independence position, it would help greatly in reducing the tension with beijing. but such a step alone will not be enough to break the cross-strait impasse. he needs to go further to embrace the principle of one China, something he has persistently rejected as contradicting his political agenda.”

well, there it is, stated more clearly than in any other editorial i have read in that paper. taiwan’s real problem, apparently is that chen and the dpp refuse to admit their chineseness and are obstinately pursuing a dangerous splittist course.

it then goes on to say that Chen Shui-bian is playing the “democracy and peace cards as a strategy to counter Beijing’s anti-secession law.” I often see English used wrongly in the CP, but somehow I think they intended the use of “playing a card” with all its sinister implications. to me it shows just how much respect these people give democracy – when they’re not the ones employing it, it becomes a political tool. sad. truly sad.

but what can one expect? the cp is run by a bunch of chinese ethno-cultural nationalists and their ideology supercedes principles of democracy and minority self-determination. for them, blood is truly thicker than water, salt water in this case. no wonder they now see eye-to-eye with the CCP and bitch and moan about how, instead of China’s beligerence, it’s actually the DPP and Chen who are inviting calamity upon Taiwan. They’re not about to admit that China’s continued claim to Taiwan is the result of the KMT’s pipe-dream to one day take back “the Motherland” and its history of antagonistic relations with the Communists. (on a side note, ironically, the US, which saved the KMT’s hide in 1950 by declaring Taiwan a quasi-US protectorate, is now villainized by many KMT stalwarts as seeking to obstruct unification and being too helpful to the DPP admin. Strange how events turn.)

some more nauseating reading in today’s cp is columnist frank ching’s sob story about his ancestral family tombs in China being ripped up to make way for a parking lot. the headline on this piece is “Chinese pleased with improved living standards.” Just reading that made me cringe. That is the most ignorant statement one could make about China these days. China is a simmering cess pit of discontent and it’s in part because those who have had their living standards improve, completely ignore those whose living standards haven’t. The people whose lives have improved usually have capital and power and access to media, wherein they write absurdities like “Chinese pleased with improved living standards.” Those types got their comeuppance during and after the revolution and it’s the CCP’s daily task now to prevent it from happening again – this time to them.

quote=“China Fishwrapper” needs to go further to embrace the principle of one China[/quote]Did the KMT sell the Fishwrapper to Xinhua (like they were planning to sell CTS) already? It sure sounds like they are writing the editorials these days. :astonished:

yeah fuck china post! thoughse they did print two of my editorials. i’m going back on the net to get them now. i’ll be right back.

I agree totally with the comments of people like Hobart. The title China post, not Taiwan post sums it all up really, but some of the non-political content is still absurd enough to be funny too. Eg today “One out of every 3 students given hooker cellphone: poll” and one that I can’t find on line but remember seeing it when I glanced at it in a restaurant (I would never buy this newspaper but it was the only available one there) while eating breakfast this morning “vegans are thin but health” (they did not write healthy).
I do not really like the overly green stance of the Taibei times but all things in this world are relative and compared with the pro-CCP China Post the Taibei Times suddenly seems like a much better newspaper.
I guess this might be in some way part of my own bias because I do not want Taiwan to be a part of the PRC the way the China Post seems to want, but by any measure their (China Post) bias is extreeme, more so than even that of the rather biased by first world standards Taibei Times.
Taibei Times is nicer in terms of graphic design etc too.

china post editorials are kindergarten at best. it’s always safe topics like you’d teach at the bushiban or something.
anyway i couldn’t find my article. do any of you remember them? the first one was called “No More Mr. Nice Guy,F$%^ Taiwan!” and the second one was called 'How Karaoke Ruined Music For Taiwan".

i’m not making this up. does anyone remember my literary contributions at all??? :slight_smile:

yeah, what the hell is a hooker cellphone and where can i buy one?

I like the typo in today’s editorial: Only Washington could [color=red]reign[/color] in Taipei.
Hmmm. Maybe Richard Hartzell wrote that! :smiley: