Let's talk about Trump

Yes, you kind of sidestepped other countries using intelligence services teaming up with his political opposition.

I couldn’t care a less how much people loath the man. If you have principles and I know you do, we understand interfering in other countries elections like this is crossing a line.

How about the 300 million Facebooks owner pumped into swing states to influence the outcome of an election. You know big tech is not impartial to the outcomes of elections. Multi billion dollar corporations trying to swing the outcome of an election like this is not good for democracy.

So, keep going with the “orange man bad” rhetoric we have all heard it a million times and is frankly boring, got anything new? Better?

I’ll tell you later

This was new

Not paying his bills has been around for yonks.

Wait you mean some EU politician recalls something Trump said and you are repeating it at face value?

You haven’t seen this before? Like 100 times by now?

From “my” article:

Speaking at a rally in Conway, South Carolina, Trump recounted a story he has told before about an unidentified NATO member who confronted him over his threat not to defend members who fail to meet the trans-Atlantic alliance’s defense spending targets. But this time, Trump went further, saying had told the member that he would, in fact, “encourage” Russia to do as it wishes in that case.

It actually came up on my Flipboard from CNN, but I didn’t want to hear complaints about the source so I looked at the many options and chose CBS as the least likely to be criticized. Lots of reporting on Trump’s recent campaign speech about this today

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Its actually all over the news, daft thing for him to say, keeping his mouth in check has hardly been his strong suit, lets see how he tries to walk it back.

Belittling women, minorities, immigrants . . . what a barrel of laughs.

God help us all (not only Americans) if this guy is put back in charge.


Don’t forget Canadians!

I guess Canadians are not adequately supportive of Putin’s invasion of Russia’s neighbours to be on DJT’s good side.


Let’s not forget whose watch the invasion of Crimea (Obama) and Ukraine (Biden) happened under. But of course, by some magical logic, these are Trump’s fault. I’ve also heard rumors that Trump is responsible for climate change and the clubbing of baby fur seals. :sweat_smile:

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Sorry I thought this thread is called “Let’s talk about Trump.”

I guess I need to brush up on my reading comprehension to keep up with you.


Talk about Trump in the Trump thread? TDS and nothing new to report.

Complain about Biden in the Trump thread? Thanks Obama!


I can forgive all of them for their mistakes. I cant forgive Trump for Brexit though.

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He never should have been made prime minister. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wasn’t it the Italians behind the stolen election in 2020? You can never trust them noodle-benders.

Crossfire Hurricane was well documented. If I were a partisan left leaning supporter I would either be very embarrassed or as seems to be the norm these days feel no shame as principles no longer matter only outcomes, the ends justify the means and all that.

The rules are simple: You can talk about Biden, Obama, Clinton (both), AOC etc. in the Trump forum as long as you are slagging them.
You are not allowed to mention, say, Trump’s likely election opponent, if you make favorable comparisons about his policies and Trump’s.
Posts talking favorably about Democrats anywhere are fair game for abuse.

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Forget about democrats! I’m amazed at the pro-Russia pro-Putin posts here and there on this board. It’s almost as if the posters are unaware they are on a Taiwan focused board where we too are targets of a revanchist imperialism. “Critical thought” is now apparently cheering on the imperialists.

On that note, f&ck Trump. I hope he loses big time.


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Who is pro-Russia and who is making pro-Putin posts? Dont be shy and name names and give examples, you are after all making the claim.

You can say fuck Trump and any other thing you like about him, no need to self censor.

edit/ Ok seems @afterspivak is doing a combination of disparaging posters on this board, but not actually naming them or giving examples combined with the usual virtue signaling “fuck Trump” obligatory proclamations and the dumbest if them all “Are you a Russian?”

Carry on.

I get where you’re coming from, but we’re trying to discourage this sort of blanket disparaging of people who disagree. Nobody had come out as pro Putin, or pro Russia. If you see a post that mirrors Kremlin talking points, which happens, you’re welcome to point that out.

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You can call him a hypocrite but this is a major issue for the US and its relationships with NATO members. Every president since Bush that I remember has kept pushing NATO Allies to contribute more when the US spends an incredible amount. I’m not sure if Biden has been putting as much pressure.

His comments about isn’t very politically correct but Trump has been consistent with pushing NATO Allie’s to do more at putting 2% of the GDP. Some did start during his presidency. Even threatening to pull out some troops in Germany made them budge a bit more.

Besides Trump as a person and how he goes about it. Do you agree that NATO allies should contribute more considering the US ours about 4% of the GDP which is massive compared to just asking 2% which very few have done and it’s also unfair to the the members that did move to 2% in the last few years.

Do you also believe Trump would call up Putin and tell him to go fuck up Germany? I don’t think so, he’s very good at getting people railed up for his purpose. The average American are seeing how much money the US sends to Ukraine with dwarfs all of Europe combined and being told these Allies barely put any money into NATO when the US puts by far the most in term of total and percentage of GDP. Some of them hearing this will absolutely be riled up for him seeing how everything is so expensive now in the US and they’re even given migrants money in places like NYC. And rightly so.

It’s getting harder for the democrats to explain why we have money for Ukraine, NATO, and illegals but not the American people and students of this country.

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