Let's talk about Trump


YAAAAWN. Does it not get old trying to discredit factual evidence by attacking the source (Of which breitbart is one of the more truthful news outlets) instead of trying to counter the evidence? But then again facts are a leftist’ s worst enemy.


Alleged Reich.

I think I know why you’re so angry and partisan, Chris. You live on planet Alleged, co-orbiting with Bizarro Earth.


Today something happened to me, something that I would have considered impossible just a couple of days ago.
While I was cycling to the city to buy some groceries, a white man is his fifties form the other side of the road shouted at me:“TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING BURQA”. He said so in English, with an accent that made me think of Texas. I felt shocked and was not really sure how to react, as this kind of thing has never happened to me before. I stopped my bicycle, looked at him and told him:“This is a cycling helmet! It’s not a burqa!”. He stood there for a couple of seconds, staring at me. I was a bit scared at this point because I didn’t know what to expect.
He raised his voice and suddenly shouted:“GET BACK HOME, YOU’RE NOT WELCOME IN THE US ANYMORE”. I began to feel concerned about my personal safety. I was shaking and no one around me was helping. I gathered my courage, and with a faint voice I replied:“But I live here, this is my home! And this isn’t even the US! And I’m whiter then you, wtf dude!”.
He kept staring at me, at that point I was literally hyperventilating. Luckily, a couple of cars stopped by and were witnessing the whole scene. That guy started to mumble something about:“Will show them” and :“just need enough bricks”.
Now I’m at home, and I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to go outside again.
Thanks Obama.


Love thy neighbor is one thing. This is something else!



You really are blind. You really are living in an alternative reality.


Inrikes. Anders Vendel, a famous chef, restaurant owner and TV star from Malmö, Sweden, was savagely beaten by three “Muslim” men because they thought he looked like “Mr. Trump”, Sydsvenskan reports.



If the target is a white man, current year SJWs don’t care.


Now ask me how many of those Nobel laureates were immigrants or children of immigrants.


Well, I don’t recall any native American getting a Nobel prize, so I’d guess the number is 0.


Number 41, Barack H. Obama, Peace, 2009

cause he is a muslim. :heart_eyes:


Before you ask, Trump said so.


You remind me of why I stopped being a liberal. No clue as to reality. But that is all I will say about that.


So what are you now then nonredneck? Non label, non party, non group?
Surely not republican I take it. I ask because of the “no clue as to reality” part.


I’m not registered with any party if that is what you are asking. I have some sprinkling of libertarian views, fiscally conservative, more mixed on social issues.

I’ve found over the years, that modern liberals tend to be more devoid of reality. This is no more obvious that in Europe right now where letting in millions of Muslims has increased crimes and rapes and the government and news media try to cover it all up. And yet some people still find a way to deny that Islam is the problem. All one has to do it study Islam, its history, and its theology to understand their mindset. It baffles the mind as to how people cannot see that.


Yeah try getting a job or opening an organizations with Islamic views (but without the cover of Islam).

You’d be run out of the place.

But no it’s their religion.
Yeah it’s their religion and it belongs in the Middle East, not in European countries we have our tradition both religious and secular. We don’t need to import mysoginistic superstitious violent uneducated folk. Asia certainly keeps them out in general.

I agree completely that media cover up, especially in mainland Europe , is making the EU project very vulnerable.

The latest are the Afghan ‘children’. People aren’t stupid.


Oh you mean those liberals or progressives or whatever we call them. Yes yes couldn’t agree more. We need a new term to describe the European leaders of the last few decades. “Delusionals” perhaps.

In your view this encompasses the majority of the liberal group? Or are most the Bill Maher type liberal? The only group still in touch with reality in my opinion


Hey, just because a ton of those people are mysoginistic superstitious violent uneducated folk who follow a religion whose prophet married a 6yo kid and raped her when she was 9, it doesn’t mean that…wait, what.

In before:"Racist! Islamophobic!’ -> I have no problem with muslims, I have a problem with Islam using religious bollocks to run whole countries.


All the same you don’t want this guy as the next Secretary of State. Comes across as a fruitcake. Fear stirrer in chief.


Just because he triggers you doesn’t make him the fruitcake.

He did a fairly good job running New York. A little thing called competence.


Here ya go, my friend. Totally not Breitbart.


A word of advice: if you disregard news from a source simply because you don’t like the source, you might not know what’s going on until very late in the game. Ferinstance, lots of people could have told you weeks ago that Trump had a good chance of winning, but you had your polls and they had theirs.