Let's talk about Trump


Yes. They encompass the majority of modern liberals IMO. Bill Maher seems to be an oddball in the liberal movement. I do not think most liberals think like him. He is much less PC and not afraid to call a spade a spade.


Just as expected. Trump becomes president elect and his early decisions are truly face-palming-worthy. Choosing his own kids as national security advisers? Holy moly. There better be a way to get him out of the White House before he starts to make decisions that could really be bad for the whole world. I would be fine if the GOP gives him 100 million to have him step down and give Pence (face-palm) the reigns. This is not about left or right, progressive or conservative. I would feel the same if Hillary had chosen her daughter as national security adviser. The job is and will be too big for him. Get him out of there, before he hurts himself and the rest of the world.


It’s going to be a train wreck.

You just know the Ruskies have a whole set of emails from Trumpies or other compromised servers ready to go out anytime of their choosing.

Don’t tell me Teumpie doesn’t have more skeletons in his closet. :innocent:


Fwiw, it’s been claimed he never uses email.


Trump (or somebody on his team) floated the idea of requesting security clearance for his children because they’re part of his transition team, and as such may come into contact with national security information. The dishonest media spins this as “Trump wants to make his kids national security advisors.” People who aren’t paying attention then take this as fact.


Fair point. However, the involvement of his children, who are inexperienced outsiders like him, is still concerning. Everything about this whole situation is concerning. Don’t Trump supporters feel a little bit uncertain about Trumps ability to lead this country, just a little bit? And don’t say anything about Hillary. Hillary is gone now. Will Donald be able to do a good job as president?




What’s taken as fact is that clintons emails were leaked all over the place but Trumpies weren’t.

Given that him and the Ruskies are now friends…who is running the show over there.

FBI should be looking at Trumpies emails! :grin:


I think if his kids were to actually find their way into the administration, while at the same time running the business empire, there would be serious conflict of interest concerns. I also think (hope) it’s not going to end up happening for just that reason. We wouldn’t want his administration following in Hillary’s corrupt footsteps, after all. Concern is probably the correct attitude to have about Trump’s ability to run the country. I don’t think it’s quite accurate to call him an inexperienced outsider…as a wealthy businessman, he’s been dealing with corrupt politicians all his life, so he has a good understanding of the challenges at hand. The hope is that the advantages of his status as a political outsider (not part of corrupt Washington elite, fresh perspective) will outweigh the disadvantages (lack of governing experience, gaping holes in his knowledge of foreign policy).


Look who he is appointing as chief strategist, EPA head and Secretary of State.

Giuliani is a joke, sorry.
The EPA head is like a kick in the face to people who care about our planet.

He’s heavily relying on ‘loyal friends’ and not experienced professionals…see how far that takes his administration.
I predict…not very far.


Cool, more wacky conspiracy theories…I love wacky conspiracy theories! Didn’t you hear? Trump doesn’t use e-mail. Probably a good policy. Just ask Podesta. :slight_smile:


So who hacked all those servers then and selectively leaked the info?
Somebody did it and somebody had an agenda.
This one smells much worse than the missing emails from Clinton , foreign power interfering in your sovereign affairs.


Oh you mean like the several million dollars from Qatar and Saudi Arabia given to the Clinton foundations?


During your election in a tight race…the Ruskies interfering with your elections getting their man in.



Here’s a more detailed account of what’s been going on over the last ten years especially and then the two hacking groups that targeted the DNC servers.


I am not trying to get "top level security clearance" for my children. This was a typically false news story.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16, 2016



You missed the latest “breaking news”, Trump went out for a steak dinner without informing the press. Former Obama spokesman had this to say.

Former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor emails: The White House Correspondents Association has to be ready to respond much more forcefully if Trump continues to ignore long-standing traditions of press access. That’s especially true for the five network bureau chiefs who hold most of the power. I’d like to see them publicly detail their expectations as well as the potential repercussions if those demands continue to be ignored. This is too important, and the Trump campaign learned all the wrong lessons during the campaign when they faced no penalty for blacklisting reporters."

Ohhhhhh what are they going to do Tommy? They are already calling him every name under the sun.


I didn’t miss them xD
I posted this just few replies above:


Missing the point. It’s not a bug; it’s a feature.

Not everyone wants a strongman in charge of the country. Some of us can lead ourselves. It’s a grownup thing. The US has decided it wants a little less presidency and a little more freedom.

But he’s about to get that pen and that phone. The less adept he is at handling it, the less awful it is that such power even exists.

He’s already served his purpose by destroying much of what desperately needed to be destroyed. If he self destructs now, well… he’s expendable. Pence can dismantle the rest of the crap.

And he has to self destruct, because he has no current enemy smart enough to destroy him. The whole election process proved that. He needs to take the initiative to make more capable enemies in order to be destroyed.

Which just might happen.


This sounds good:

The ban was announced by Trump transition team official Sean Spicer, who stated that each member of the administration would be required to sign a form stating that they would not be a lobbyist.

Spicer added that registered federal or state lobbyists would not be allowed to serve in the Trump administration, but did not explicitly mention former lobbyists.