Let's talk about Trump


But the CNN says Breitbart is basically the main supporter of the new National Socialism party in the Us!


Just a thought.

Like with many things in life, politics is a bit like sitting on a swing. You swing back and force (left-right, progressive-conservative) moderately, you’ll have fun. If you just sit on the swing or swing just a little bit it ain’t no fun (stagnation). If you swing very high, you’ll get excited and scared at the same time. But you’ll never be able to swing in just one direction. It’s just a matter of time until you are pulled in the opposite direction (let’s say you go far right now, before you know it you’ll have Elizabeth Warren as next president). If you swing even further you’ll fall off the swing (doesn’t matter on which end, and you’ll be swinging no more). Being radical is very risky business, it might give you a thrill for short spurts, but it’ll definitely hurt you if you overdue it, don’t know your limits, are blind, or stupid or any combination of these.

Ben Carson is somewhat intelligent after all, realizing his limits. Hope that others will realize that too.


I don’t blame Carson for wanting off the carousel. If you’re a white male who has fought for women’s rights, gay rights, equality for all and done so all your life yet support Trump, you are going to be called anti all those things. It’s way worse if you are black or gay. I honestly have nothing but respect for gay’s and minorities that supported Trump, really tremendous courage.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the level of threats to Carson and his family haven’t reached such proportions that he decided to call it quits. I hope to see more of him, I doubt he will come out against Trump though.


Maybe he realized two short planks won’t be enough in the brain department. :joy:


LOL implying that there hasn’t been a radical left wing agenda in politics for decades now.

People talk about Trump offering an olive branch, using experts, and all of the rest of it. These people haven’t offered an olive branch to anyone for decades. They have been grinding the people who voted for Trump down at every opportunity, and would have done so again given the chance, but they lost. The so-called experts are a fifth column against Trump and his supporters. They stabbed him and them in the back at every possible juncture during the campaign also. He shouldn’t offer any of these snakes in the grass a damn thing except a one way ticket out of town.


This is a guy who knows how to negotiate from a position of strength. He will accept their surrender on reasonable terms.


So now his spokesperson says he won’t prosecute Bubbette, because she’s suffered enough. Kind of missing the point there. It’s not about retribution; it’s about rule of law.

He may be trying to get a freebie here. There are several investigations ongoing. If the White House continues to stonewall and interfere with those, I’ll be pissed. So will a lot of people. But if he lets others do the dirty work while he looks all reconciliatory and merciful, well…

No justice, no peace.


Once the festering pustule that is the Justice Department is lanced and drained, these problems should resolve on their own. Unless a presidential pardon is in the works, in which case all bets are off. It’s time to put the Justice back in Justice Department…otherwise it’s just another ministry with an Orwellian name.


Trump is going to do what he’s going to do, now he’s got the position in his pocket.
You guys actually believe ‘drain the swamp’, ‘lock her up’ ?
He obviously doesn’t have a problem with the clintons, even saying they are ‘nice folks’. He’ll take the bitter and twisted votes along with the anybody else.

That’s right he called them NICE FOLKS.


Media sound bites and memes that work very effectively.


Trump better make is very clear he’s not involved with any of these scumbags.


Fantastic people and very good friends.

Ah politicians…and dodgy business people.

Trump Steaks what a laugh.


This is what you get when you smear the Tea Party into near oblivion. The left created the vacuum, and the Destructor came along to fill it.

If The Donald turns out to be just as bad as all the rest, people like Cruz will be in a position to say told-you-so. There may be a resurrection in store for Tea. But oh, the damage done to the country in the meantime.

The important thing is he drives the last nail in the biased media’s coffin before his own downfall. Then they won’t be able to smear the Teabaggers next time around.

Kill political correctness dead. Then healing will be possible. Let Lena talk to rocks while the sensible people repair the damage her type has done.


Stop blaming the “left/liberals” when you chose to be Nazies.


The white elite at its best.


Make America smart again!


In case you missed it.
Heil all motherfuckers!


By the same token, the progressive left should stop their sleazy attempts to create false associations between Trump and neo-Nazis and white supremacy.


And here we go again.
I wasn’t the one saluting heil Trump and neither was any other progressive left doing so.
Therefore, who associated Trump to be all right with Heil Trump?
Who encouraged this in the first place. Not my speech, that’s for sure.

But keep blaming the progressive left for the situation you are in right now.


The modern “progressive left” is the cause of this. Ever since civilizations started to use politics, when a political force pushed its boundaries too much in a direction then the reaction was the formation of a strong opposition.
Avoiding extremes is a good way to keep everything in a situation of semi-status quo. When Europe and the US started this new age of globalism, that borrows many aspects from pure Marxism, the obvious reaction was the formation of strong political parties leaning to the far right. You don’t get anti-immigration closed-borders nationalistic parties to rise to power in countries where you don’t have immigration problems.

Before the immigration crisis in Europe, far-right parties were considered a joke and only catered to an extremely small part of the populatiom. But when you have non-stop political, social and economical problems, all caused by a government that decided to forego any sort of National identity in favor of globalism, the results are in front of our eyes.
The idea of a far-right* closed-borders party taking power in Sweden would have sounded like a joke few years ago. Now that Sweden has become the world capital of rapes (maybe behind a small country in the middle of Africa/ something like Lesotho), people got tired of the situation.

  • = the rising party in Sweden is not even close to what in other countries would be considered far-right, but for their standards it is. Sort of.


I’m not sure which situation you’re referring to, or who exactly is in it, but the chances are good that the progressive left are responsible for it in any case. :slight_smile: