Let's talk about Trump


It’s now official. Trump won the election with 306 electoral votes to Hillary’s 232. How is everybody going to celebrate? Just kidding…


In all the hype to talk about evil Nazis, there are a few inconvenient facts:

  1. Some of the people giving Nazi salutes were an Asian porn star and a Jew. Don’t believe me? Here’s a Salon article about it. What the hell is all that about?

  2. The people perpetrating actual violence at the event were left wing groups. Again, don’t believe me? Here’s a video by a left wing activist where a journalist gets harassed (sprayed with something, which also happened at other locations, including to non-politically aligned restaurant staff) and her cameraman gets beaten up and sent to hospital. The action begins at 3:30 and the cameraman can be seen with blood on his face at 3:50.

Yeah though, the right are the problem…


Would anyone like to have a real discussion?
About her Nazi shit?



The real discussion is about the leftists beating up a cameraman and invading a restaurant and spraying people there (including the restaurant staff).

Meanwhile, you look hysterical screaming “Look! Evil Nazis!” about a gathering of people who are such white supremacists that they knowingly have Jews and Asians in their presence. At one point, they even interviewed a Jew wearing a yarmulke! LOL OMG I can’t even! White nationalists letting Jews into their clubhouse and having civil conversations with them! Aren’t they meant to be firing up the ovens? My whole world view has been shattered!

You really want your mind to be blown? Go and watch that interview. He’s an Orthodox, right wing Zionist who complains about left wing Jews wanting to destroy Israel by siding with Palestinians. The evil Nazi interviewing him agrees with him and takes his side. You want your mind to be blown even more? At the end, she asks him to say “Oy vey!” in a typical Jewish way, he does, and then they both laugh about it. Because. They’re. Both. In. On. The. Joke. That. You’re. Not.

These are your “evil Nazis”?! That’s the best you’ve got? The funny thing in all of this is that in you wringing your hands over comic book Nazis, you’re the one who looks like he’s come out of a comic book.

You know what they’re doing, right? They’re daring people like you to come out with the standard Pavlovian response to an obviously absurd situation so that they can make you look like complete fools whilst other leftists run amok and commit actual violence. They’re double daring everyone to double down and learn nothing about the past eighteen months of how to hack the media narrative. They’re getting you to do all of their work for them and it’s working.


Oh yeah! with their little video.
He sprayed me! did you get this. Oh he sprayed me again.
Oh I am all bloody now. I hope you got this for youtube.
Oh yeah! this is a good one.

There are towns in East Germany run by Nazis. Go there and live there to find out.

The left progressive were busy with their gender noun, toilet door, free dope, gay marriage and no means no feminism etc. And now, it’s too late.
Hilary wanted to sell a pussy. Her only argument during her campaign.
Do you want a pussy to to be President of the USA. I got one yeah!

Donald, I grab them by the pussy.
Nobody noticed that 80% of communications are non verbal. And how do you ask when either one has his/her tongue in the other one’s mouth.

But we have it official now. At least half of all women think it’s ok to keep moving on once you are kissing already.

My only hope is, that Europe wakes up and stops this madness.


Double post.


Hang on. I thought you said you blocked me ages ago. So you were just full of crap the whole time? You were just having a hissy fit and trying to signal what a good, righteous person you were. Yet you just couldn’t resist. LOL

LOL Did you just make light of a cameraman getting beaten up by leftists? I just told you that people are trying to get you to make yourself look hysterical and unreasonable. Then you did it again.

You are probably my favourite poster at this entire site. You’re awesome. I don’t know whether you’re serious or you’re just being very ironic/meta. +1 either way.


Why do you care about these childish videos?
Why don’t you ever argue about the hepatitis C epidemic in the US.

I am pretty sure that even the dumbest American could understand that living in a country where you can go to the dentist and be almost certain that the person before you did not carry that disease is so much safer.

3.500 000 X 100 000 US$ or radical left politics and only 3.500 000 times 100$.

And there are hundreds of other topics.


Maybe I do care about the complete destruction of many communities due to narcotic usage. Maybe I don’t think that mocking such people is the way to go. You obviously do though. Each to his own. Others will judge how you look for that.

Why do you care about pictures of people doing a hand gesture yet casually dismiss violence perpetrated on another?

I’ll let you in on a little secret, something I haven’t mentioned ever before (I certainly wouldn’t have done it in this thread): I’m giving you a long coil of rope. I’m pretty lazy. Thankfully, you’re quite happy to work pretty hard.


Was I mocking anybody?

The white elite at its best.

Oh yeah! They are losers! Obviously.

And out of the line of videos I offered to talk about, you chose the hand greeting one.

To be honest, I only wanted to copy Mr. R and throw a lot of garbage points into this place.

But nobody picked up on the Hepatitis C, kind of nobody really cares as long you don’t call them out for what they are.

I think it’s save to call them stupid losers. You still can argue on how to help them.
First of all, it’s the ultimate prove of a failed healthcare system, drug and needle policy/laws etc.
But don’t call them losers! This is America, we give a shit about losers.
I do give a shit too, when it was their own decision, but still would help them for the obvious reason. Because, a number of hepatitis C infections are unexplainable.
Very carefully speaking “they got it somehow-not their fault”.
The number is big enough to make a serious impact on your health care expenses.
Keeping the whole community in shape, benefits everybody.

If you argue with those Trump voter who obviously voted for selfish reasons.
Just look at the numbers of legal Mexicans who voted for Trum. I am here, fuck the others who want to come. haha.
You have to point out how things connect and benefit them. Not trying to convince them that drug addicts are all victims.


You do seem quite worked up. Keep doubling down with your hatred and bigotry. You seem to have run out of rope though, so here’s another coil for you.


He seems to be on some kind of anti-American jag…or something. At least he’s admitting that the real Nazis are in Europe, so there’s that.


Yeah, I mean how dare they enter a country legally? That’s literal fascism.


Have a look at the pisa study. Not to confused with pizza.

pisa study or free pizza for all Americans

who obviously voted for selfish reasons
That’s what I wrote. It says nothing about fascism. But keep up your good work.

To the other clown, so america doesn’t have real Nazis?
Does America have real people then?
During my stay in the US, I was approached several times by real Nazis.
They must have been around 25 - 35 when ww2 ended. They always test the waters very carefully like leaving a Nazi symbol in sight, showing some ww2 interview video they produced etc.
You can guess how quickly those conversations ended.

However, they are not real people then, Reptile aliens, I guess.
Roland is not real either, he is Russian.
GIT is the newest version of deep learning AI that’s posting here.


[quote=“Hamletintaiwan, post:1236, topic:87669, full:true”]
To the other clown, so america doesn’t have real Nazis?[/quote]
Exactly. No real Nazis. You know, the kind that go around exterminating Jews, gypsies and people with birth defects.

[quote]During my stay in the US, I was approached several times by real Nazis.
They must have been around 25 - 35 when ww2 ended. They always test the waters very carefully like leaving a Nazi symbol in sight, showing some ww2 interview video they produced etc. You can guess how quickly those conversations ended.[/quote]
I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I seriously doubt your story. How long did you spend in the U.S.? You were approached several times by Nazis? Did you bump into Wernher von Braun on the street or something? I’m American, and I’ve never seen a Nazi there in my entire life…unless you count scratchy old news reels from WWII. Or maybe you have some kind of special Nazi-attracting magnet embedded in your skull?

[quote]However, they are not real people then, Reptile aliens, I guess.
Roland is not real either, he is Russian.
GIT is the newest version of deep learning AI that’s posting here.[/quote]
Hmm, demonizing and even dehumanizing the “Other,” kind of like what the Nazis did. Maybe this is a case of projection. This may explain why you seem to see Nazis everywhere you look.

But the true inheritors of the Nazi mantle in the U.S. are probably violent leftist groups like Antifa. When a white supremacist group organized a peaceful protest in Sacramento last summer, which they obtained a legal permit for (free speech and all that), they were chased and beaten by members of Antifa and other left-wing militant groups.

In the video you can see white supremacists getting the crap beat out of them by throngs of “anti-fascists,” many carrying weapons, dressed all in black, faces covered with balaclavas. Who are the fascists here again? They don’t even see the irony. If you’re so concerned about fascism, these are the people you should be paying attention to.


Oh your nazis are a species hunted to almost extinction?
Sorry to hear that!

In Germany, they tried to hang them.
They must have run out of rope.

GIT has them all.


I’m beginning to worry that your obsession with Nazis may be reaching an unhealthy level. Just a friendly suggestion…maybe you should lay off those WWII documentaries for a while. :slight_smile:


I am obsessed with people defending everything that points into that direction.
White supremacy is one of those. The other are KKK etc.

Since you are not a German and eventually don’t look Arian enough, nobody is going to test you out on this matter. And since it is all OK in the Open again, nobody needs to carefully approach his inner circle anymore. That’s thanks to people like you who keep defending these outcasts, instead of naming them for what they are.

You know when I was 20, this was all different.
Then we got the conservative party and slowly but surely step by step, these asholes felt comfortable enough to come out of the hiding.

Does that really have to bother me? NO!
I am too old to get dragged into any of the shit that might come out of it.
That’s all up the the younger generation. I only can give you my opinion.
If you don’t want to listen, there is not much more I can do.

And do your little stupid videos of some lefties beating the crap out of these scumbags prove anything? No! It’s pointless.
Frivolous shit in the grand picture!


You seem to have a special talent for missing the point. Fascism can come in different shapes and forms. You’re allowing your obsession with Nazis (while perhaps understandable) to keep you from seeing the real fascist forces that are at work today.


Violence is never pointless. When people talking about human rights, equality and all sorts of politcal correct stuff, are the first to go on the street and harm (in some cases even kill) people who have a different point of view, they cannot be ignored. You cannot cry for Democracy/Equality and then conveniently ignore violent facts just because they follow your line of thought.

Back in Nazi/Fascist/Communist countries, people who didn’t agree to the government line of thought used to be kidnapped during the night (in Cuba even during the day) and get killed or disappear. It has literally 0 difference to people killing others who have a different political/ideological view.