Let's talk about Trump


Meet the donaldtrumpi, a Mexican-American! :smiley:


Through its special envoy, the Netherlands has requested that President Trump refrain from taking the United States out of NATO:


Don’t think of Trump as some brash, put-his-foot-in-his-mouth dummy like he’s portrayed in the media. He’s more strategic and smart than most people give him credit for. Business acumen isn’t so dumb as that. They said that about Reagan too, but Reagan waited for the economy to strengthen four years before he negotiated with USSR on nuclear weapons from a point of strength.

It’s still early, he’s still staking positions, and he can’t be all braggadocio so early in the game.

He put Iran on notice because that was according to Obama’s failed policy, and Iran violating their own agreement with Obama, this gives him legitimacy to tear it all up (which he really wants to do) and draft up his own more aggresive stance since Iran isn’t even honoring Obama’s watered down version. Things are rolling along as planned, maybe not as fast as you like to see it, but it’s fast enough.

Just like Sofun said about China, he’s going to be playing a completely different hand of cards than previous presidents. Things are just setting up.


So far, I find Trump an embarrassment almost every time he opens his mouth. I’m glad there’s an alternative voice here in this forum (I mean this), but I have to disagree with you on this one. Perhaps my views will change over time.


What’s embarrasing here is the reporter’s question, which I would highlight in yellow. Making connections that are absurd, built on a false premise that Trump’s policies to uphold the law on illegal immigration is based on inherently on racism, and then…Semitic racism with Trump? I don’t get that one, Trump is much more friendly to Israel than Obama was obviously. Why didn’t Obama get those kinds of questions?


I think it’s embarrassing that the leader our country didn’t think to say at least what you said. Instead…well, you see it in yellow.


Didn’t you see the latest press conference? Trump went after the media.

You can see the whole hour, but here is snippets:


Yes, we can all see the whole hour. In the meantime, here’s my preferred edited version:

And the war on the press is going to backfire.

The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. Thomas Jefferson



That’s the problem, they’re always having to cut and paste unrelated clips together that give it a whole different aura, (which they intended to do) than if you keep everything in context.

As for the claim of biggest win since Ronald Reagan, he got that from Priebus in November, but apparently forgot the details or was confusing them so couldn’t defend them.

He says when you break down the data,

  • Trump got the most counties (over 2,600) since Reagan in 1984 (not 1980),
  • the most electoral votes for a Republican since Bush 1988,
  • he carried 9 of 13 battles states, and
  • he won over 62 million popular votes, which is most for any nominee.


Any edit involves bias. Removing select portions involves bias. Leaving other select portions involves bias. I would submit that the Fox News edit is far more pernicious, far more dangerous because an attempt is being made to conceal the bias. Not so with the Daily News clip: we all know it’s comedy.


I’m sorry, i changed the link shortly after you must have seen it because it wasn’t what I thought it was, like you said, displaced clips and too much comment. If you look at it now, it is 12 minutes of uninterrupted persiflage with CNN reporter, which is what I wanted originally.


So… Trump not in Munich?

Vice president reassuring the Europeans that not everyone in the US has gone mad.
John McCain openly attacking Trump and his position.
Trump giving crazy press conference and having an even more bizarre rally at some fucking airport around the same timeframe.

Did they show him the Russian tape?
Is he under house arrest?
Will they just control him till the 4 years are over?

If so, we will never see the russian hooker tape.:disappointed_relieved: Putin said, they are the best.


Trump wants more nukes, how impressive.

He is showing the whole world how he is protecting the free world from Russia, isn’t he?
What a deflection!

All that money spent on nuclear missiles and now, you have a Russian Puppet running the white house.

America, please!
Where are the Tax returns?


Trump is a deranged space cowboy but liberals aren’t much better with their red scare hand waving ripped straight from the red scaremongering of the 1950’s.

Let’s hope someone regains their sanity in the U.S. before it’s too late.


That was Ronald Raygun, of Star Wars fame.

Of course now everybody says he was a great president and all. Hindsight.

And he did have a space shuttle blow up on him.


Everybody says that?
Not me!
So don’t say everybody.


Ronnie may have been a great president but I’ve never understood why. He was suffering from dementia in the last years of his presidency though and nobody noticed if that tells you anything.

Back to Trump though, the liberal obsession with tax returns is no different than the conservative obsession with birth certificates. And, no, I don’t believe Vladimir Putin is secretly pulling the strings in the White House any more than I believed Obama was a Muslim from Ethiopia.


Tax returns!


That video was funny. Trump got pwned and teabagged.

He’s going to have to figure out how to feed bullshit to the twittering masses while talking sense to more intelligent people. Dunno how he’s going to pull that off.


You’re in a race to the bottom and apparently don’t know it. Like a pilot who’s lost his bearings and thinks up is down.