Let's talk about Trump


Lot of Sanders Democrats are willing to shrug off the DNC rigging. Ends justifies the means.

And too many Democrats believe that the only racism that exists is white racism.

Both Democrat groups have no problem dicing the electorate up by tribe in an attempt to re-aggregate a 50.0001% majority at the polls. They don’t care that it leaves a pissed-off 49.999% share on the receiving end, a share that has learned to disbelieve anything the media reports until it’s proven true - to hell with national unity.


Trudeaus approval ratings are lower than Trumps. The show would tank!!! Trump is a better politician (and also has success as a TV show host!)


Then what was the “donate now” button on his website for? Or you’re saying no-one actually donated? :thinking:


Who needs an actual majority?


He would face tough competition from Remi Richie & the Conservative Village People. :man_singer: :man_dancing: :dancing_men: :dancer:


I am, indeed, worried by the motive Assad would have in doing this right now. It would seem a negative thing, after having virtually won this battle , and the War,. Seem like all the MSM are behind retaliation but maybe there is more to this than we know.Yes, the guy is despicable, but why risk losing everything to gain …what?
Tucker seems to be the only one questioning this. The source is Watson but the message seems to be reasoned.


I have refrained from reading any news reports of this chemical attack, because my first question is the same: Why would Assad do this after winning the war, having Russia in-house to help stabilize the country, etc.? The answer is not “Because he’s despicable and it’s in his blood”. That’s emotion talking.
So, at this point I don’t really care for what MSM is putting out. They have their own agenda anyway.


you are not the only one voicing that sentiment, but you will be by far in the minority.



That’s fine. There really wasn’t even a minority around saying there are no chemical weapons in Iraq before Saddam was overthrown. Now at least people question the reasoning for such “things” to be happening.


To be fair there were mass protests against a war in Iraq, at least in the UK and the US. Had about as much influence on anything as marching around with a pussy hat on your head. But there was a push back against an Iraq war.



Let’s not get started on the pussy hats.
Sometimes see them on kids with parents in random shopping malls or parks. Can’t wait to see how those kids grow up. Actually, I don’t want to meet those kids when they grow up.


Perhaps you view them in the same way I did seeing a car with “Bernie Sanders” on the side, 3 months after he was cheated out of any chance to be the Democratic nominee. Sad.


I agree with almost everything he says there. It makes no sense whatsoever. And how many times can you go to this well. How stupid can we be, really. There are obviously people who have an interest in seeing us stay there and seeing the conflict continue.


Yeah, I was kind of rooting for Sanders as he was clean vs. that other lady. Think the Dems plan to or have already gotten rid of the superdelegate system that allowed Billary to be the nominee.


Cancer brain McCain at the top of the list. Any whiff of war and he comes running to the MSM cameras.


McCain… another ageing Senator who is on the path to dying in the Senate chamber like Ted Kennedy of brain cancer. Perhaps being in the Senate gave him cancer.
Think there’s research grant funding in this somewhere.


Jesus H Christ. Not even talking about what we were here yesterday


Ah, the good old white helmets, providing fake tear-inducing stories, looking for donations from useful idiots and playing the role of benevolent volunteers, while aiding Alqaeda and helping them kill any supporters of Assad’s regime.

There’s some fairly interesting videos of them on youtube, but a few of them show kids being shot or beheaded for being “soldiers” of Assad, so it’s a bit problematic.


Difficult call with the White Helmets.


Are you calling the Donald a useful idiot? :thinking:

The White Helmets receives charitable funding from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other western governments.[48]