Let's talk about Trump


Do you want videos of kids being beheaded?


Lost cause theory will rise again!


Is that what Donnie wants?


I would pay 100 US dollars to watch Trump assemble a piece of Ikea furniture. And 100 US dollars more to record it.


I don’t think he’d take any less than 10,000.


The guy has been building skyscrapers since he was a kid, perhaps better to stick with Stormy Daniels.


It would be like that video of kids assembling Ikea furniture on acid, except more violent and insane.


Haven’t seen that one. Do you have a link?


Damm, liberals have lost their minds. Sure, whatever you say.



Centrist, thank you.


Obviously a spoof, but I have no doubt it’s actually happened.


I’m willing to buy it


That would explain a lot. :grin:




Oh yeah, Donnie the Little Construction Worker. That would make a fun musical. :wall:

And mid-30’s (his age when Trump Tower was built) is the new kidulthood? :roll: :grandpa:

Pity about Andy’s friend the other day, btw…

At around 5:30 p.m. (EDT) on April 7, 2018, a 4-alarm fire broke out in a condominium in the tower’s 50th floor, killing a resident and injuring six firefighters. The cause of the blaze has not yet been released.[126] In a Twitter post, Trump attributed the fire’s limited damage to the building’s design.[127][128] The sole fatality was 67-year-old Todd Brassner, an art dealer known for his association with Andy Warhol, who had endured debilitating medical problems for several years.[129][130] Brassner’s apartment, as well as the rest of the residential units in Trump Tower, did not contain sprinklers because the structure had been built before 1999, when the city passed a law requiring sprinklers in residential units;[130] Trump had lobbied against the proposal.[131]

I stand by my previous analysis: the “small loan from my father” line is a lie, and he’s never had what used to be called a “real job” in his life.

As for Stormy? I’m not endorsing her for 2020, but she’s not the brainless bimbo implied by your statement.

And although the kind of work she’s done doesn’t make her a role model (despite Margaret Wente’s recent spin), you can’t say it’s not labor-intensive. :2cents:


Hiring some random (possibly illegal) foreigner to assemble the furniture: $5
Hiring a ghostwriter to create Trump: The Art of Furniture Assembly: $4,995
Related business expenses (lunch with ghostwriter, publicity, trip to spa etc.): $5,000
Capital loss for tax purposes: $10,000



9999.98 USD to pay Russian prostitutes to pee on him.

0.02 USD for his Twitter account.


Me too!
I’ve been building skyscrapers under the blanket since the age of about 13.


He’s a genius. A very stable one.