Let's talk about Trump


A pragmatist does what works. If it’s not known what works, he experiments. Like a scientist, he makes it up as he goes along. Yes, that’s what good scientists do. Part of what they do, at any rate.

A legalist does what the law says. What the law says is what a bunch of other people - most of them long dead - made up as they went along. That’s part of the scientific process, but there are other parts. The other parts are kind of important. A legalist doesn’t appreciate the importance of the other parts. He fails to grasp the difference between a scientific hypothesis and a scientific conclusion, or the steps that lead from one to the other. And he can’t even be bothered to come up with his own hypotheses.

A lot of people are like that.


That’s why the living tree doctrine was invented: to allow the law to be adapted pragmatically.

(Cue Comrade @politbureau screaming in terror. :scream:)


Hopefully with the FBI not prioritizing hunting down amateur horticulturists, they might have time to follow up on multiple tips where people (including the person himself) says there is going to be a mass shooting event at a school.



At this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised if that wasn’t a satirical article.


I would. The Don delivering papers by hand? :noway:


Will he ever recover? #impeach #russianlemonade


Fox News to Trump:

“We’d talk to you all day but it looks like you have a million things to do…”

Let me rephrase that:

“Don’t you have more important things to do than talking to us? We really like to help you here but this is getting too embarrassing, even for us. Please, stop talking, go away, please!”



No Trumpsters here to defend that?

OK, Let me try then.
This is all his strategy. He is trying to come across like this, because he has a secret plan.
Fox News is in this too. It’s all to frighten Kim Jong-un and the Iran.
They will now think that this President is unpredictable.

What a great negotiator.


Or as Milko would say, he’s trolling the MSM. :trollface:


According to Stormy Daniels he has a smaller than average penis, only it’s quite thick with a pronounced head. Of course, her idea of average may be a bit skewed.

Fascinating stuff about the most powerful man on the planet.


We wouldn’t be talking about this if Bubbette had won. At least, I assume not.


Try Google images with word “idiot” :smile:


:grinning: Been that way for a while now, people generally know how to manipulate google to get a result, it’s called Google bombing. More than a few groups have been pushing for that result. Been done on other politicians too, Rick Santorum comes to mind. Although Google might have adjusted that one after getting many complaints, funny while it lasted though.




Blasphemy, he’s a bloody genius. So what if his head’s shaped like a fucking orange?


Whatever, they had Comey in this week for testimony, apparently said he couldn’t recall 245 times, surprised he could recall his name. This exchange best summed it up, what a colossal waste of time.

Mr. Gowdy. No, I mean, if I said, “Hey, look, I hope you had a great day yesterday on Tuesday,” that’s demonstrably false.
Mr. Comey. That’s an expression of opinion.
Mr. Gowdy. No, it’s a fact that yesterday was –
Mr. Comey. You hope I have a great day –
Mr. Gowdy. No, no, no, yesterday was not Tuesday.
Mr. Comey. Oh, see, I didn’t even know that. Yeah.


Probably from the name of his show. :wink:


Gotta love Democrats. Former FBI director and official hero Comey lies before Congress yet Trump is the bad guy.

Democrat press is like what, we didn’t see a thing, and Trump is still def a traitor for firing him. :whistle:


You’d lie too, if you were under scrutiny by a bunch of literal nazis who wanted to know the plans of the resistance. Comey is brave & stunning for standing up against the dictatorship that is now controlling the Us.


@Google: you can send my 0.05c at the regular Paypal account, thanks.