Let's talk about Trumpism.

We’ve got lots of threads touching on this, but not dealing with it directly. What is it that gives his supporters their groove? It’s true to say they were fed up with the establishment, but also facile. They could’ve gone Bernie if that were all there was to it. They’re no more deplorable than the alt-left, and probably less so. They’re not the Tea Party (which I would have preferred) and they’re winning - which is really, really important. Is it a cult of personality? Hope’N’Change the gritty reboot? A new sheriff riding into town on a new unicorn? Partially, but it feels like there’s more to it than that. Maybe it’s…

The chords existed before The Donald played them, but the Establishment tried to drown out the music.

Speaking of punk…


Recursive rebellion. Permanent revolution, and perpetual betrayal of same. At least it’s entertaining.

[quote=“rowland, post:1, topic:158592, full:true”]
They could’ve gone Bernie if that were all there was to it.[/quote]

I do understand you can “write in” a vote for a non-candidate, but within the de facto two party system, how does a registered Republican select the Democratic candidate?

The anger had been building for many years. Plenty of time to switch parties back and forth any number of times. Also, in some places you can be unaffiliated and take your pick of primary. About one third of the voters are unaffiliated. That’s a major voting bloc.

Note that Bernie did not win the primary. Partly because it was rigged, but The Donald faced comparable obstacles. One of these populists had more mojo than the other.