Lets talk TV

Ok, joined the digital age last nite finally and got meself a LCD TV. Finally found someone who had a busted tv and I could give my 2003 26 inch CRT to. Got that at Best Buy in 2003 for about 270 bucks if I remember. The thing bout CRT tv is that they seem to last a very very long time. But they are a bitch to move around, being so heavy and bulky looking and so 20th century to boot.

Ok, so walked into SEARs , just lookin and got sold on a display model saving 80 bucks (well 80 is 80). Not sure if I got a deal or not as not totally savvy on whats hip in digital TV.

Panasonic 32 inch LCD tv with 2 Hdmi ports, Sd card port and the regular tv connections. 720p ( i know people said get 1080p and 1080p is a better picture for digital and all that).

However, I dont have any HD channels, having only basic cable (not much of a tv watcher). And apparently to enjoy HD you have to get a BlueRay player that plays Bluray disks? Which are entirely different from the regular DVD disks (the march of technology is soo quick now…anybody remember VCDs movies).

Did a little scouting around before and found that Id be spending bout 500 bucks to get a 32 inch LCD with 1080p so I guess this one at 386 regular price is a bargain. Panasonic is selling it on its own site for a discount at 315 (plus 2 bucks ground transport that will take 4 weeks). Sears had this display one marked down 80 so I guess its worth it. The thing was made in 2011 April in Malaysia (not China for a change).

Guess I will go to Walmart (been there before and the deals were not better) again to make sure I got a deal.

I got 30 days to return it with full money back (maybe less restocking fee tho).

What say you? Good deal or a turkey?

I guess after tax at 330 USD or about nt$9900 its not a bad deal for a 32 inch LCD tv?

Found some dope on HDMI here for other uninitiated:

I’d say that’s a decent price for a Panasonic TV. There’s probably better deals out there on the net, but for being able to take one home in your car, I think you did pretty well.

The only thing I’d worry about is the display model being turned on all the time, and that somehow decreasing the life of the TV. I don’t know much about these things, but I hear the brightness level diminishes over time. If you’re not watching TV that much, then it probably wont’ matter, though. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it. Some people can’t really tell the difference between 720 and 1080 anyway, so I think you’ll be happy with either one.

Yeah am a bit concerned bout that as well. But at least its not that old having been made in april 2011 so it wouldve gotten to the USA bout 2 months later i guess or round June this year? So shouldnt have spent too much time on display

Just came back from walmart adn they ddint have Panasonic . Best deal they had was a Sony 32 inch for 298 !! Plus tax and 8 dollar disposal fee) but that was sold out.

They did have an EMERSON 32 inch one for sale priced 228 (plus 8 dollars and tax or bout 256 dollars).

Thing is Panasonic is probably better then Emerson.

And I dont think I can return my Panasonic without a 15pct restocking fee (just read the receipt but not sure if that applies to my Open Box purchase or not).

Kinda wondering if the Panasonic display model at bout 75 dollars MORE is better or the Emerson brand new.

May stop by Sears tomorrow and ask if need pay 15pct return fee, if not? I may get the Emerson?

picture quality looks nice at Walmart. SAme 720p but no SD card slot.

The SD card slot is nice because then i can take 720p HD on my Kodak digicam and take out the SD card and slip it in the Panasonic and play what I filmed?

Maybe that alone is worth sticking with Panasonic.

I would go with the 319 (plus tax and 8 dollar disposal) deal straight from Panasonic on their website but FOUR WEEKS for delivery is a long time to wait without a tv.