Letter from government agency / obligated to tell employer?

I have a two part question: 1) What government agency/department is responsible for sending me the letter notifying me of the time that I have left before I have to leave the country once my divorce is final? 2) My employer could not provide ARC’s for their foreign workers (reasons are too lengthy to list here) so all of the foreign workers at my place of employment have their ARC’s through their Taiwanese spouses. Now that I am getting divorced do I have an obligation to tell my employer that I wil no longer have a valid ARC? I feel that this would be cutting my own throat since I am sure I would be fired immediately. I don’t want this personal information about a divorce to be brought up at work but that is really difficult when your ARC through marriage is the only reason you are allowed to work at this place.
Any advice would be appreciated.

In the case of death or divorce from a spouse when on a JFRV ARC it is the ARC holder’s responsibility to inform the Foreign Affairs Police that the purpose of your ARC is no longer valid within 15 days. In the case of divorce, this is 15 days after the divorce is finalized. If you inform them within 15 days they have been known to be flexible in arranging a suitable deadline for leaving the country. If you inform them past 15 days they have been known to be very inflexible about things.

Upon death of divorce of a spouse, you may no longer work without permit on a JFRV ARC.

Please post more as you find out as we only find out from experiences like yours how things actually work in practice in these kinds of situations.