Lexmark VS Epson?

I’m looking to get a printer soon. Been looking at the Epson C45 ($1700) and the Lexmark X2250 ($2500).

The Lexmark also has scanner and copier functions.

I’m keen to know, which brand is better? It’ll be used for the odd printing here and there (Word documents and pics), and if I get the Lexmark, scanning and copying.

Are there significant differences in service quality and ink cartridge costs?

I have read reviews of both on the net, but would like your opinions. Have you owned either of the above printers, and what are your experiences with them?

Also, perhaps you could recommend a printer, besides these…


Epson mostly gets higher scores than Lexmark.
Cartridges (the real ones) are as expensive as the price of these printers…

Have you considered an HP? I heard they lasted longer, but i don’t remember where from so i won’t be able to back it up.

Maybe you can do a Google search for comparitive reviews…


I think Canon makes pretty good printers. They conserve a lot of the ink so you don’t have to buy as much refills. Also Canon seems to win a lot of awards and rate high on consumer reviews.

Cheers fellas! Went ahead and bought the Epson C45. So far, so good…