LF the show LOST

I have been looking for the show LOST on the web and on local TV stations, and cannot find it. All the sites in North America do not allow int’l access. Anyone know where I can see the show??

Any fans on Taiwan of LOST? Maybe this IS the island.

JJ :thumbsup:

you could try torrents for what you need. I think ABC.com shows episodes although I don’t know if that works in Taiwan too. I haven’t watched this season yet. I saved the episodes to watch tomorrow while I fly to LAX.

I think the Lost island is about the size of Lanyu. If you visit there its fun to imagine that you’re on the Lost island.

I have a mint, original box set of the first season. Interested?

I use tvshack.net/

It’s pretty good for TV and movies.

Look for the eztv torrents. They come out about an hour after the episode actually airs and the quality is always excellent. You just need a torrent client to download them such as utorrent. I didn’t watch Lost at all when I lived in the states, but I’ve managed to stay up to date on all 6 seasons here in Taiwan.