Librarian Looking for work in Taiwan


I am based out of Vancouver and hold an MLIS with a focus in teaching and business/industrial information.

I have an intermediate level of speaking and understanding Mandarin, and have the reading level of a grade 1 child, (better than nothing I guess!).

Does anyone here have leads or know where I could find information on either of the following:

a) a job as a researcher for an equity firm or immigration assistance company that needs someone with a strong familiary with the Canadian corporate landscape OR

b) a job as a librarian in an international school who has experience teaching and programming for elementary and middle school children.

thanks so much for any assistance that could be provided.

Fat chance on (b)! My ex-girlfriend was a Taiwanese woman with a degree in Library Science from a Taiwanese university, and she couldn’t find a job in that field.

It couldn’t hurt to write to some of the international schools, such as the Taoyuan International School (, to name two.