Libraries in Taipei - please help

hello, can anyone please give me information about which libraries in Taipei are the best to find books in english (about chinese history, culture, business). I am applying to do research in Taipei and need to figure out where I can use a library. (I sent an email to nccu a long time ago but I guess they don’t read their emails… I need to find an affiliation soon)

Thanks in advance for any information!!

Using a reference library in Taiwan is usually not much problem. Checking books out, however, is another matter.

Anyone can check books out of Tai-Da’s libraries for a fee, IIRC.

For the catalogs of several major libraries in Taiwan, see the final section of my links page:

For a longer list, see … t_eng.html

I used to go quite often to the Central Library by the CKS Memorial Hall, but they had this stupid rule that you couldn’t take books into the library. They said they were afraid I might leave my books there and get them mixed up with theirs. Huh? The only reason I could think of for such a bizarre rule was that it was a cold-war leftover - a measure to stop people sneaking in communist propaganda.

Little-known fact: There is quite a nice little library inside the CKS Memorial Hall itself. You do need to get a membership card for both the libraries mentioned in this thread.

the “foundation for scholarly exchange” which helps students looking to study in the US and is maintained by the ait i believe has a fair sized english library, not sure how much of the kind of stuff you’re looking for they have but it is worth a look. it is just off nanhai rd on the first street west of chungching south rd, next to the old us embassy building.

thanks for the links and info!!
this has saved me so much time.