Library Assistant Qualifications

Does anyone know if there are any expectations regarding working as a Library Assistant in Taiwan?

In NZ no qualification is necessary but a bachelor or master’s degree are necessary to be a full fledged librarian.

Many thanks

Well libraries are often public so that’s a government job. Tough exams and 300 applicants for 1 opening.


From some job ads


身份類別: 不拘
工作經驗: 工作經驗不拘
學歷限制: 高中職大學
科系限制: 不拘
附加條件: 1.中華民國國民具大專(學)以上畢業或具圖書館相關工作經驗者(依本館核定)。

國家教育研究院教科書圖書館 徵聘兼任助理

Just so you know you have to be ROC citizen for those jobs.

I find that somewhat difficult to believe. Do you have any source for that?

says it right in the job description.

No where I can see.

Says here: ROC Citizen with a bachelor or associate degree or with library experience (as determined by the library).

If the job is designated for foreigners they will advertise differently, while they won’t have the absurd testing requirement, they will not be easy to get into either.

Article 28 of 公務人員任用法

government employees should be ROC nationals, unless employment of foreigners are allowed by other laws.

And as TL mentioned, most of libraries are public sector, so foreigners cannot work basically.

I’m not very sure if the rule is applied to dispatched workers from employment agency, but maybe it is.

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If you want to be a librarian then see if your “embassy” in Taiwan maintains a cultural library like the Goethe Institute does. If so apply with them. Or get a job at a book store…