Libya elected to chair UN human rights body

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lol. God bless the UN! makes the whole UN Human Rights Comission look like a joke. At least the Canadians had the guts to vote against Libya with the US. All the Euros were too busy abstaining to actually show that they give a crap about human rights.

gg UN human rights hypocrisy!

Well, at least the Chinese won’t have any problems with that committee now.

I suppose the fundamental flaw within the UN is that it gives voting rights to nations which do not themselves advocate democracy within the confines of their own borders. It’s kind of like letting convicted felons sit on a jury.
I suppose we should be happy in that there is a benefit to all this. It’s one more nail in the UN’s coffin. I think the US treatment of the UN (ie with complete contempt) is entirely justified! :laughing: