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Been a while since I’ve posted, been busy… this new vroom, vroom forum is a good call, thanks Maoman et all and the mods who are running it…

So after reading through the “photo snapped by wuss cops” thread i realize i’m not the only one who’s sick of Taiwan’s “crush the soft targets with an iron fist whilst ignoring the real criminals and causes of traffic danger” policy… personally I’d had it with being hit up for $2000 a pop speeding fines for going down deserted mountain roads at 80km/h in a 50 zone… at 6am when there’s not a soul in sight no less!!!.. then there was talk of increasing speeding fines to NT$6000 and enough was enough…

After waiting for years for Taiwan to legalise real motorbikes, I threw caution to the wind and got a Kawasaki Z1000, and after paying almost half a million NT for the thing [roughly double MSRP], almost NT$100,000 of which was to get the fully legal yellow plate, EPA test etc. I figure that’s a more than adequate contribution to the Taiwan traffic police’s doughnut and hong bao fund, and I refuse to pay any more in stupid photo fines… that said i almost never ride this bike in the city, it’s purley a mountain blasting machine, and it’s the cameras that they love to put up here in central taiwan where there’s a wide open 4 lane country road with an 80km/h limit, then out of the blue they put up one 50km/h limit sign with a camera behind it, then back to 80km/h limit again 20 meters later… “sorry sir you were 30km/h over the limit there, that’ll be NT$3000…” arse…

My solution: A 007 variation on the fender eliminator license bracket… an old computer case, a jig saw, a spring loaded door hinge, bicycle brake cable, some metal rivets and black spray paint later i fear no traffic cameras… as the pics below show, the plate looks nice and innocent from all angles, but deftly flips around 180 degrees, held in place by a latch that can be released via bicycle brake cable running to the handle bar area flipping the plate back to it’s normal position in case you get pulled over unexpectedly…

this design could be fairly easily adapted for use on scooters too… now if this post falls foul of the “thou shalt not post about breaking the law” policy of Forumosa, then forgive me and delete it, but as Martin Luther King said, “we have a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”…

Cool idea with the plate, but I’m not feeling the four mufflers…

You are my hero! :bravo: :notworthy:

It would probably work better if you didn’t have a bike that was so easily recognizable.

I find this unbelieveable.

1). You have no respect for the laws in Taiwan.

2). You have devised a device just so you can blat around country roads at rediculously high speeds without getting caught.

3). You have scant regard for people that may be jealous of your bike.

Excellent. Where do I sign up? Is there a waiting list? :bravo:

:eh: I was under the impression that the device was designed to facilitate easier washing of the rear of the plate. You mean that’s not what the original intention was? :idunno:

[quote]You have scant regard for people that may be jealous of your bike.
Yeah, you dirty bastard. :noway:

At least your bile is a horrible colour. We can console outselves with that. But hats off for designing such a cool device for flipping mud off the plate so that its clearly visible.

I love it… :notworthy:

Although it technically violates “Da rules” There is no way in hell I’m going to delete this.

As long as the other caretakers in vroom vroom have no objections, I’ll leave your custom steel rotating mudflap in place…

Now as an act of contrition to your errant behavior, I feel an appropriate punishment would be to let the newly appointed moderator of vroom vroom test this invention while doing a second-gear wheelie in front of the local police station… :smiling_imp:

Enjoy your new-found displacement… :sunglasses:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie Goldfinger, but I’ve been thinking of building something like this for years. Congrats on working out the technical details.

Now if you could just publish the schematics for installing a machine gun in the headlight…


Do you have a device so I can go through red lights and kill pedestrians without getting into trouble ?

Just out of curiousity… how many kermit green Z1000’s are there currently in Taiwan? Of those, how many owners have posted such a device on a public forum?

I give you an A+ for cunning and balls, but an F for foresight… hope you dont get caught.

with the level of disregard for the law so high here…im surprised there aren’t more ppl who have done this with their bikes(all sizes)…great engineering job there…very stealth

great bike…did u bring it in yourself or buy it from the kawasaki/Kymco dealer?

[quote=“mungacious”]with the level of disregard for the law so high here…I’m surprised there aren’t more ppl who have done this with their bikes(all sizes)…great engineering job there…very stealth

great bike…did u bring it in yourself or buy it from the kawasaki/Kymco dealer?[/quote]

My brother-in-law races around Taoyuan in his BMW, with the plates conveniently covered in mud. Works a treat… 4 crashes, a best top speed of 230 and no tickets. He’s my hero.

Two-stroke dirtbikes have the habit of covering most of the license plate in black grunge. I must do something about that… maybe next year :wink:

what will happen when the cops pull the bike over and find an illegal modification to it?

For cars any illegal modification results in the car be taken from the owner. However this happens mostly in case where people soup up the engine.

that’s exactly right… i picked up a nasty elbow injury trying to wash behind the plate before, so it’s strictly a modification to allow an injured person to better use the vehicle officer, kind of like those scooters with the extra wheels… no really officer, what are you going to oppress me for being incapacitated?..

also it has an added function of giving the forward facing traffic cameras a clearer shot of the plate, since it’s so unfair that bikes only have plates at the back…

To be honest 99% of cops pull you over just to have a chat about the bike, ask how many “shee shee’s” it is… “is it fast”… “is it a harley”… those type of poignant and intelligent questions… but usually the combination of Chinese speaking foreigner and shiny bike they’ve never seen before has them dazed and confused enough not to bother too much with details… having a yellow plate means you’ve already gone the extra mile in their eyes so that’s about all they want to see mostly… and like i said I don’t ride in the city much…

after years of planning and scheming ways to import the bike myself, I found that like most things in Taiwan, the laws are biased, and weighted in the favour of those who provide the inept “government” with the most hong bao’s… so despite their astronomical prices, it still works out cheaper to get a bike from a legitimate dealer than import it yourself… that did mean that the only color options were “Kawasaki green” or “Binglang stain red” I’ve always had a soft spot for Kawasaki’s so I went with the corporate “Team Green” color scheme and there’s a fair number of them rolling round the island so I’m not too concerned about swat teams at my garage door…

My personal favorite for taking care of your license plate is to have some vandal do the following:

  1. Cover license oplate in a loose film of used motor oil.

  2. Liberally sprinkle road dust and crushed charcoal pencils on said license plate

Now some vandal has done this too me and unfortunately, after 4 years I’ve never received a speeding ticket and I drive like a monkey on crack.


You look like a monkey on crack.

For cars any illegal modification results in the car be taken from the owner. However this happens mostly in case where people soup up the engine.[/quote]
Veering OT here, but they only get funny about this when you get hit with this for street racing, after a crash you caused or something like that. Then they throw the book at you. Aftermarket parts are big business, government stays out of the way.

Having said that, if a cop thinks you are taking the piss, then you’ll get trouble. I think most cops would call your mod taking the piss. Back before real bikes were legal I used to run a DIY plate on my 750 Yamaha with my cell number on it. While it was not legal to do that, the cops could be persuaded that I wasn’t trying to evade the consequences of my actions, and I always got away with it. IIWY I’d spray that latch black to match the rest of the install and hide the operating lever well :wink:
Oh and don’t get complacent about security. When my 750 was stolen out of my house, nothing else was even touched even though there was more cash in the house that day than the bike was worth. Other mates had steel doors knocked down by crews with sledgehammers to get their bikes. One mate was followed and staked out until he left the bike (a Vmax) outside his house for 13 minutes while he ran upstairs to get something. They were waiting with a truck and six guys loaded it and departed, according to the witnesses. It’s a well-organized business.

Stingers please (or Hellfire), no machine gun. An MG couldn’t take out the truck suddenly blocking my path by turning left, although clearly seeing me…