Licence to drive a 250cc Scoot?

I looked through the archives but I couldn’t find any information about the license regulations for driving a 250 cc ‘heavy’ scooter.

Is there a special license you need for this class of scooter?


Don’t laugh, but they call anything over 50cc ‘heavy’. There is no ‘new’ license.

That’s not quite right. There is at least one new class of motorbike license to take into account the new regulations on large displacement bikes that went into effect recently.

If you go take a look at one in a shop, the mechanic will tell you if you need an upgraded license, or there’ll be a chart on his wall listing the license requirements and the different registration fees (nearly NT$25,000 per year for some bikes! :shock: ).

Oh, I stand corrected. Not like the govt. to miss another tax opportunity is it?

The section chief of the DMV in Shu Lin told me that I can drive motorcycles up to 250cc (or maybe 249cc), over 250cc I need the new “heavy motorcycle” license.
But… I don’t need to take the test if I can prove that my national license allows me to drive motorcycles over 250 cc (which is). I need to provide a printed or written official document from my governement stating so. (What am I waiting for… :smiley: )

I even can get a truck or bus license without test if some company wants to hire me :shock: . All thanks to my governement which accepts Taiwan licenses.

Great, isn’t it. But hello… all valid for just one year or until my ARC expires… not so great anymore now :cry: .

BTW, cost for extension of license is only 200 NT$ here, I read somewhere that other offices charge 300 NT$ :?: